Friday, April 20, 2007

Toward or away from my goals. My action makes the difference.

I sit here this morning wondering what to write. During the night snow fell and covered the city in a fluffy white blanket. Great if it's December. Not so wonderful when it's almost the end of April. My mind is sluggish -- sort of matches the sky! Grey and overcast.

No matter who you talk to in the city right now, the phrase, "I'm tired of this weather!" is on everyone's tongue.

Snow in April is just not right. Right or wrong, we've got it.

Can't change the weather. Best to change my disposition.

I awoke this morning feeling anxious. I have so many things on my to do list, I wonder where to start. In my indecision, my hesitancy to get going, I deplete my power. I'm using up more energy not doing what I need to do than it would take to get started.

Every moment life is filled with the opportunity to take steps that bring me closer to my goals, or further away from my goals.

One of my dreams is to have my book, The Dandelion Spirit, read by Oprah Winfrey. Problem is, I haven't sent it to her yet! In my inaction, my dream is turning to dandelion fluff -- it has no substance. No target. No path to creation. To get closer to my goal, I need to send my book. My commitment today is to send it to her.

Today, I am committed to taking actions that bring me closer to my goals.

What about you?

What goal do you have, secret or expressed, that you are not taking steps towards? Every time you 'do nothing', or do not take appropriate action, you are getting further from your goal. Every time, you do something that undermines your ability to step towards your goal, you strengthen your fear of moving forward as you move further from where you want to get.

Avoidance strengthens fear.

For example, I used to say, I hate paying bills. Since online banking, however, I've discovered, it's not paying bills I don't like, it's the logistics of writing out a cheque, getting it into an envelope, finding a stamp, and then driving around to find a postbox (plus remembering to dig the envelopes out of my glove box if I can find them!) that made bill payment unpleasant. With online banking, it's easy and I take care of it every month in a timely manner! Without the worry of 'will I get the cheque written out and in the mail on time', and my continual avoidance of doing it because I imagined it as a daunting task, I have lessened my fear of paying bills and freed up time to take positive steps towards my goals -- one of them being to be financially secure.

I have been working through an online course called, Simple-ology 101. In listening to the course every morning, I've become aware of a script running through my brain. It has to do with trust.

One of my childhood scripts I'm beginning to realize is "Don't trust in your dreams. You'll only get hurt." I'm not sure where it came from. If it was my father or mother, a teacher, or girl guide leader -- doesn't really matter. I can hear the sibilant whisper of that script running through my mind. I feel it's power in my adult life and recognize that it is negatively impacting my movement forward towards my goals.

Whatever the source of the script, it is my responsibility today to assess it, determine its validity in my life and then to take action that will unhook its negative force so that I can plug myself into my power so that I take positive action towards realizing my dreams and accomplishing my goals.

Awareness is a key force in my life. When I look outside, I see the snow and think, UGH. Sometimes, when I look inside me, I feel the force of past habits, habitual thinking, unhealthy choices and think UGH.

I am aware of the snow. I can't change it -- just like I can't change people.

I can change me by focussing on what's within me and taking action to create what I want.

I have the power to redirect my thoughts, change my actions, and create the life of my dreams.

I have the power to be all that I am meant to be.

So do you!

Let's do it.

My commitment -- and goal -- is to have my letter written and my book mailed to Oprah by Monday.

What's yours?

And before I forget -- I've lost 3 of my 10 pounds!

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