Saturday, May 26, 2007

My best is good enough

This morning I'm getting ready to give my presentation at the conference. I picked up my registration packet last night, checked out the room, met with the organizers, and said hello to some of the attendees. I've got the copies made, the presentation prepared -- and I still want to make changes! What is it that compels me to keep tweaking, keep working on it? The drive for perfection or the fear of never getting it right? Either one, I take a deep breath and know -- my best is good enough.

Last night, after dropping by the hotel, I visited with one of my very best friends (an amazing woman with great heart and soul). She showed me the flowers on her deck, the flowers she'd put throughout her house and said, "I read your blog this morning and realized I had to get out there and LIVE! Thank you."

I felt honoured and inspired. To know that my words have touched someone, motivated them to create beauty in their lives is very humbling and affirming.

When I deliver my presentation this morning I carry with me the voices of my family, friends, of the strangers who have written and shared their stories. It is not just my story I tell today. It is all our stories because your words strengthen me. Your words count. You make a difference.

Thank you everyone for being part of my journey. Thank you for your love and support. As I journey fearlessly into being all that I am meant to be I am lifted up by your love and energy.

And now, I've gotta run! There's still one more slide I can tweak. One more word I can change to get this thing just right.

Just kidding.

I'm going to take the puppy for a walk in the sunshine and watch the light dance on the river's surface. I'll dream about the fairy dancers at the water's edge whose stories I used to spin for my daughters when they were young. I'll revel in the beauty of the day and know,

My best is good enough.


Anonymous said...

Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Thank you! I really appreciate your dropping in to say hello.

what's cool is -- I haven't re-read this post since I read it and you just gave me a chance to do so and to remind myself this morning, My best is good enough!