Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Ultimate Life

This morning I awoke to the limitless possibilities of my life. I stretched, looked at the day outside and wondered, 'what kind of day will I have?' Well, one thing’s for sure, it’ll be rainy. Sullen grey clouds hang low today. The sun has disappeared behind the elements, the world is saturated with misty rain.

Regardless of the weather, my day is filled with possibilities. It’s a perfect day to be alive. An exciting day. I don't know what adventures await me, but I do know that it's my responsibility to make it the perfect day for me. I won't get where I'm going living the day on the edge of possibilities. I've got to get out there. Get dirty. Get involved. I've got to leap off, take the risk of not knowing what will happen when I explore unknown territory, uncharted waters regardless of how fearful I am about leaping into the void. Fear is the opportunity to be courageous. When I step off, I won’t know what’s out there, but if I never step, I’ll always be stuck in the same place doing the same thing.

As they say at Choices, if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you'll always gets.

For today, I choose to find a new avenue to ignite my passion for life. In fact, as of today, I commit to writing the 3 things I will do today that will move me closer to my goal of having my own business as a speaker/motivator/coach. Which means, I need to think clearly, see my goals distinctly, completely, in living colour.

In the past, I have muddled through life, with unclear goals, ill-defined purpose. No more! In my life there is no room for trying and all the room in the world for doing. I am committed to do what it takes to have what I want. I am committed to living my perfect life today with passion, fearlessly leaping into the unknown to explore how high I can fly in freedom.

Why not join me? Why not spread your wings and fly? How about starting a daily practice of writing down three things you can do to reach your goals -- of course, you'll need some clearly defined goals to do that. Do you have them? If not, let your mind explore uncharted waters. Think about your Ultimate Life. About what you would love to have in your life, but don't. Is it a book you want to write? A business based on your love of knitting? A new home? A trip around the world? Whatever it is, write it down. Describe in very detailed words what your perfect life would look like. Are you living where you are now? Are you living on the south coast of France in a vineyard that you own in a beautiful stone home that you are lovingly restoring?

You get the picture, write out your Ultimate Life in living colour with all the details. Smell it. Breathe it. Feel it and know, it is possible. The only thing between you and your perfect life is – taking action. Can you imagine the steps it would take to attain your Ultimate Life? Create a ‘day in the ultimate life of……’ story. Write out what that day entails. Do you get up at 6 am with the birds or do you lie in bed, luxuriating? Do you have toast and jam and coffee served on beautiful china beside the pool of your island retreat, or do you sit in the breakfast nook of your Manhattan pied a terre reading the New York Times? Start from the picture perfect day you've created and work backwards to today. What do you need to do to make the ultimate life reality your dream come true? Break your ultimate life down into near term, middle term and long term goals. Divide it into categories – family, health (mental, physical, spiritual), leisure, work.

Why not make your Ultimate Life a tactile experience by creating a Dream Board? Cut out pictures from magazines that show your life in action. Paste them onto a large piece of bristle board. Be creative. Use pictures and words to describe you and your life. Cluster the visual representations into the elements of your life – family, health, leisure, work. Paste your Dream Board up on a wall in your home office, your bedroom, somewhere you’ll see it every day so that it reminds you to stay focused on your goals.

Measure everything you do against the question – will this take me closer to my goal or away from it? If you spend 4 hours a night watching TV, ask yourself, is this a goal getter or a goal taker? Keep a list of the things you do that are goal getters and goal takers. Think of ways to strengthen your goal getting activities. If TV is a consistent goal taker, why not unplug the cable? This is your life. If you aren’t working towards your goals, you're working against them.

There is no status quo in living! Change is the name of the game!

All things are possible. We just need to get creative about making them happen. Don't think about why it can't happen, or isn't possible. Think about what you need to do to make it happen -- and get doing!

Me, I'm excited. The skies are grey but my spirits are sunny! I'm inspired by my perfect life today and the steps I'm taking towards my Ultimate Life. I'm eager to get into my day, into doing the 3 things I need to do today to step me closer to my goals. Gotta go!

Have an awesome day filled with the limitless possibilities of flight as you soar into your perfect day, gliding on the jet stream towards your Ultimate Life!



Margaret said...

BE DO HAVE.....what powerful little words!! You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

wow - you are an incredible writer & motivation? Yikes......The 2 CJs have gotta read this too.....thanks Louise. Love Grizelda xoxox