Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A perfect day for living.

We come into this world, prefect reflections of the mystery of life. A sperm meets an egg and in that encounter our life is born in love. For nine months (give or take a little) we live in the flawless perfection of the womb, our bodies, mind and spirit growing in time with life's mystery. And then one day, we hear the call of the world, out there, and begin the journey out of there into the unknown. As we travel the journey through the birth canal we experience pain for the first time. We experience sensations for which there are no words. As we travel through life, we begin to label our experiences, good, bad, excellent, indifferent, optional. We begin to lose site of our perfection in the womb to grow into our imperfection in the real world. We become the perfect balance between the magnificence we have forgotten and the imperfection we have grown into believing is our birthright.

Not so!

Our birthright is to be magnificent. Our birthright is to be perfectly human in all our imperfections. Flawless. Magnificent. Divine.

Last night about 30 of Alexis’ friends were here to celebrate her birthday. Tall. Short. Thin. Not so thin. Dark hair. Light hair. Curly hair. Straight hair. Thinning hair. Thick hair. Brown eyes. Blue eyes. Green eyes. Young. Old. Middle Aged. A plethora of attributes and every one of them all added up to the same thing. Divinely human, human beings.

Today, as you travel through the ups and downs, highs and lows of your day, look around you. Look at the wealth of diversity you meet. Look at the differences of the people in your world and celebrate what it is we all share. We are all miracles of life.

Have an awesome day. Enjoy the view. Enjoy the ride. It’s a perfect day for living!

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