Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When Opportunity Knocks

While listening to an announcer on CBC intro a song by singer/songwriter Rufus Wainright, I was struck by her sarcastic tones when describing his response to hearing his latest album, Release the Stars, was rapidly climbing the charts. "Talk about ego," she said after mentioning that Wainright had said his success was 'well-deserved'.

What is it about other people's confidence in their success that encourages others to knock it?

I don't know Wainright, but I do know that to be successful in his business, even if your mother is Katie McConigle, you have to be good at what you do. And he is good at what he does. He deserves his success.

On Saturday, June 16th, at 9pm, At the Heart of Centre Stage, will air on the Global Network across Canada. At the Heart of Centre Stage is a one hour documentary about the Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede, a group of 160 talented 8 - 21 year old performers who sing and dance their way into the hearts of 18,000 people a night during the 10 days of the Calgary Stampede.

I wrote and produced it.

And I am really proud of my accomplishment.

When asked to write the show I was nervous. I'd never written a one hour documentary before. When asked to produce it, I almost panicked (after I said yes). I'd never produced a one hour documentary for national television before either!

In spite of my fear, I did it anyway.

Throughout the process the little voice of self-doubt that likes to whisper negatives in my head kept trying to take up space. I continually turned away from it. Sometimes I had to turn towards it, embrace it and say, "It's okay. I've got this one handled." Sometimes I had to ignore it as I didn't have time for it to play games with my confidence. Sometimes, I had to simply take a breath, step into my courage and keep moving forwards, always working towards my goal -- to create a body of work that told the story of these kids that would be entertaining and an inspiration to anyone watching.

On Saturday night at 9pm, the show I worked so hard to help create will be aired. WOW!

Do I deserve this success? Absolutely. I worked hard for it. Even in my fear, I believed I could do this. I believed this was my right, my duty, my responsibility. I had committed to it. I had to keep my promise to the Executive Producer that I would deliver the product she was confident I could. And so I did. It was my opportunity to win or lose. To fail or succeed. I chose success. I chose to believe in me, to believe in my right to Do It! And in the process, I got to do what I love and to create a foundation for more work of this nature. It was important to me and for me. I did it.

Am I excited? You Betcha! On Saturday night I'll be sitting with people I love watching something I helped create. At the same time, thousands of Canadians will be glued to their televisions watching the same show we're watching and being inspired by the same kids we're seeing do what they love. As the kids step out onto the huge outdoor stage of the Grandstand Show, I will be feeling their pride, their enthusiasm and their love of their art.

What an awesome experience!

Every day we are presented with opportunities to say YES! Every day the world greets us with the chance to live our dreams. And everyday, some of us will say No thank you. I'm not willing. I'm not ready. I'm too afraid. I'm not worthy. I'm not who you're looking for.

It's time to quit denying our talents. It's time to quit turning our backs on all that life has to offer by stepping with confidence onto centre stage of our own lives and claiming our own unique place under the sun.

The next time opportunity knocks and the voice inside your head whispers, RUN!, ask yourself, will this get me more of what I want in my life? If the answer is yes, run into the arms of opportunity and turn off the voice of doubt. You deserve to live the life of your dreams. You deserve to be the most amazing person you can be.

Like Rufus Wainright, pour yourself into your life and live it up! You deserve your success.

In love and dreaming,


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