Monday, July 30, 2007

We reap what we sow

Every Sunday at Choices there is a spiritual service. This Sunday was one of those moments where it is possible to feel the Divine presence of something greater, something beyond the scope of our human experience.

His name is Al. A pastor all his life, he's just completing a one year sabbatical and isn't sure what his next steps will be -- will he continue on as a pastor, or continue working in his chosen career?

His story yesterday morning was about the choices we make in our lives, the seeds we sow, and the crops we reap. His words were powerful, the depth of his message dug deep into the fertile soils of everyone gathered in the room, and awoke the deep yearning we share to be the miracles of life we all are, the gifts of love we embody.

One of the stories he shared was of a visit with a dear friend whom he knew was dying of cancer. She had come to visit, wanting to share her remaining months with people she loves. During her visit, he asked if he could have a copy of a photo she'd shown him. He plunked it down on his scanner and wouldn't you know it, technology chose that moment to go on strike. After about ten minutes of fussing around the copier, his friend said, "I want more of our time together and less of that." and she pointed to the computer.

Time together is the field upon which we share our gifts. Fussing over technology, being distracted by TV or newspapers or even something as simple as a crossword puzzle when we are with people we love, does not plant seeds of wonder in the field of time we have to share.

Al's message was to cherish and nurture and value the gift of ourselves so that we can share with others the wondrous gardens of love we've planted in our lives. Use time to create a place where love abounds and spirits rise with every encounter.

Sow seeds of wheat, you'll enjoy a bountiful crop of wheat. You cannot expect to grow a crop of wildflowers if you plant barley. Sow anger, you will not reap joy.

We are all capable of sowing the seeds of love and joy and laughter we want in our lives. Too often, the gifts we carry lay fallow in our fear of weeding out the things that do not work in our lives. Instead of seeing the garden we've created as a place where we have planted the seeds, we point at 'others' as being responsible for the overgrown tangle of weeds flourishing in our midst.

In Al's story he invited everyone to gather up their gifts, to share them in love and to create the garden of our dreams.

It was a beautiful morning in which I got to experience one man's ability to share his gifts. He sowed seeds of joy and reaped a bountiful garden of love that will continue to bring joy to everyone who opened their hearts and let his gift rain upon their spirit.

In giving we receive. The more love we give, the more we receive. -- (which makes me wonder, why so often we give anger and expect to receive love in return?)

May your day be filled with the planting of seeds of love as you share your awesome gifts with the world around you.

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