Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I am not the storm clouds overhead

It rained yesterday. Huge sheets of water pummeled the ground. Wind whipped through the trees, the temperature dropped as thunder rumbled overhead and lightening bounced off the surrounding peaks.

Mountain storms are exciting. They rush in unannounced, unfurling their heavy, rain-drenched blanket across the sky, blocking all sight and sound of anything else but their fury.

I love mountain storms. Tucked beneath the overhang of the deck I sat and watched the storm fill the air around me. The moisture laden air felt cool and refreshing while I sat dry and snug, curled up in a blanket on a chair. The storm passed as quickly as it blew in leaving behind the crisp, ion charged air, the sparkling freshness of the just cleansed world glistening in the sun’s valiant attempt to peek through the heavy blanket of clouds that still hung suspended above.

Storms come. Storms go. And always, somewhere behind the clouds, the sun shines.

Like life. Moments come. Moments go. Sometimes, the arrival of a moment is filled with angst and turmoil. Confusion. Anger. And then it passes.

I cannot change the passing of time. I cannot always predict, nor determine what emotion will charge each moment. Emotions, like clouds, come and go.

I am not the wind. The clouds. The rain. Nor even the sun. I am not my tears. My sorrow. My joy. My anger. I am a woman of worth. A woman of deep centred calm, confident in my ability to weather all kinds of weather. Confident in me.

Weather comes and goes. How I go through each change in temperature is up to me.

Sometimes, weather brings with it a warm summer’s breeze or a blast of cold Arctic air. Sometimes, weather does nothing other than confirm my state of mind. Sunny days ahead and all that jazz.

The weather does not determine my mood. The weather does not determine my course. It is my responsibility to chart my voyage with a clear destination in mind. To map out my pathway leading to my dreams, my aspirations, my goals. No matter the weather, it’s up to me to adjust my sails, take a different tack. If I encounter inclement weather, it's up to me to be prepared and take cover when necessary. It’s up to me to determine where I stand amidst the howling winds battering against the windows of my dreams.

Ultimately, it’s up to me to stay my course and not be deterred by the tempests blowing around me.

Life is filled with all kinds of weather. From where I stand, I determine my response to the weather. Sometimes, I can anticipate a storm brewing. Sometimes, the storm blows in with an open door as someone enters with their angst and expectations of my response. Sometimes, the weather brews up inside me – those are the times I must watch out for most. When the barometer plummets within, I’d best take heed of the mercurial changes in my world.

I am responsible for my internal barometer. It’s up to me to measure the pressures mounting within me. It’s up to me to seed the clouds of anger frothing at the edges of my inner landscape, with calming ions of reflection, accountability and peace of mind.

Yesterday, a storm blew in and I sat and watched, in awe of its passing through. The freshness of the air left behind in its wake, awoke my senses. I felt refreshed. Alive. Spirited. I felt at peace.

Winds blow. Weather storms. I remain at the centre of the “I” of every storm that churns up the waters of life around me and know, I am at peace with who I am and where I stand, when I stand in the truth that I am responsible for me, myself and I.

I can’t change the weather outside. I can’t change the course of time. All I can do is stand true to who I am, and lovingly open my arms and mind to the wonders of the world around me, confident in my ability to weather all kinds of weather.

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