Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some kind of wonderful

"Something wonderful wants to happen by means of you today."

I read that line in an email this morning and thought, Yeah. That's right. Something wonderful wants to happen through me today. What will it be?

How often have you started your day with the thought, "I wonder what will happen today?" And then ducked your head just in case the happening wasn't some kind of wonderful?

What if we were to think instead, "I wonder what wonderful things I can make happen today?"

Yesterday, I received an email from a beautiful woman whom I know through Choices who, after hearing about the desperate need for support for homeless shelters in the city, sent out an email to her entire contact list asking people to support her in collecting funds for mitts, hats, socks and other winter essentials for homeless individuals in our city. Thinking she would possibly get a couple of responses she excitedly phoned me to say that, in less than one day she had raised $800 -- and the calls were just starting to come in.

She set out to make something wonderful happen. And she did.


Committed to Be. Do. Have.


A wonderful gift!

If I want to have a wonderful day today, it's up to me to set out to create wonderful happenings in my day. The universe doesn't deliver wonderful on a plate all sizzled up with sparklers and all that jazz. We create wonderful in our lives when we live with the full potential of our creative spirits alive with all that jazz committed to being all that we can be.

For me, I'm setting out today to create wonderful in my life. I'm committed to the Be. Do. Have. of my existence. I'm committed to being spectacularly alive so that in all my words, thoughts, actions, and interactions, I create a wonderful difference in my world and the world around me.

The question is: What about you? Are you waiting for some invisible hand to serve you up a plate of wonderful, or are you grabbing the day in both hands and adding all that jazz you possess to create 'some kind of wonderful!'?

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