Thursday, November 15, 2007

The sun within me

Recently, astronomers and NASA scientists confirmed that somewhere out there in a far corner of the galaxy they have found what they believe to be a solar system twin to ours. Originally thought to contain four planets orbiting around a sun, they recently announced they found a fifth planet orbiting what is actually a close pair of neighbouring stars collectively known as 55 Cancri that lie in the constellation of Cancer 41 light years away.

Yup. The possibilities of space are limitless.

Which made me wonder about the space around me and within me. How limitless are its possibilities?

The heavens above are filled with stars and planets, known and unknown. It took astronomers 12 years to find this solar system after 18 years of continuous observations at Lick Observatory. To date, they've discovered 260 planets in our solar system. These planets and stars have been there all along, (well, at least long enough to count) we just didn't have the technology to see them.

I've been on this earth 50+ years, and a lot of that time has not been spent in continuous observation of me. In fact, much of it was spent doing stuff 'out there', and avoiding looking at the world within me. Yet, I've always had the technology to see within me -- using it has been another issue!

What if I took my power and started focusing it on the universe inside me? What if I use the technology of my mind and start opening up to the learning within my heart? What if I quit looking for light out there, and let my light shine from the inside out?

Imagine the possibilities!

I believe within me exists a world of discovery. Taking the journey inward uncovers the mystery and the power of being me. It exposes me to the great reservoir of joy I possess that sustains me every moment of my life, regardless of the turmoil and trials of the world around me, regardless of where I'm looking. Tapping into my reservoir of joy, allowing it to flow into deep sustaining pools of well-being, exposes me to my innate ability to embrace the wonder and awe of my being. It frees me up so that I can venture far into the galaxy exploring the limitless possibilities of being the star at centre stage of my very own life.

Within each of us exists a vast unexplored universe of untapped treasure. Nothing keeps us from experiencing the joy of being who we are, except our minds, the self-defeating games we use to distract ourselves from our greatness, and the tapes we play about who we are and why we are that keep us from exploring the wonder and joy of being the magnificent human beings we are designed to be.

The question is: Where on earth are you looking for the joy that abounds within your being? Where do you keep your sites set on the stars in some far corner of the galaxy and miss the wonder and awe within you?


CZBZ said...

"What if I quit looking for light out there, and let my light shine from the inside out?"

As usual, inspirational and calming. Just what I needed to read at the end of a long day. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

exactly :) i was in touch with my inner sun today with a little help of a healer friend during this rough (hopefully transitional) period. i felt it radiating joy and warmth into my body and outwards too. i also understood that the power is very immense and hope that one day i can unleash it in it's full potential. it's a pity how we humans tend to "waste" our time reaching outwards, craving for things and admiration when everything one needs is right inside you. btw: i googled the words "sun within me" ;)

M.L. Gallagher said...

Hi fellow 'sun within me' gazer!

Welcome. I'm so glad you commented. It is a joy to discover the power is always within me -- and not to be frightened by the enormity and immensity of my full potential!

Thank you so much for sharing your light and your insight!