Monday, December 17, 2007

Daily alchemy

Alchemists were/are philosophers and sages. Since time memorial, alchemists have believed in the power to transmute lead into gold. The reasoning was, if one can purify one's own spirit, distill one's essence into purity, he/she could learn to transmute real lead into real gold.

In life, every day presents moments where we can turn the metaphorical lead into gold. Alchemy is the glass half full outlook that lets us transform the stuff of everyday life, both the joys and sorrows, into everyday treasures that inform, learn and inspire us to keep going, keep moving, keep striving for our personal best.

When I was released from an abusive relationship, I had a choice. Stick with the leaden facts, or find the golden truth within me. My choice was to turn that trauma into a new, richer, more vibrant, more fulfilling life. To get there, I had to be willing to feel the pain of the past, feel the angst, the sorrow, the anger, the fear. Through those feelings I followed my heart into creating my beautiful life today.

Long before I met Conrad, the abuser no longer in my life, I was on a quest to find my one true self. I knew that who I was was not necessarily who I was meant to be. Sure, I had lots of good qualities, lots of talents, lots of achievements, but I still felt like I was missing something. That I wasn't pure of heart -- or at least, that I hadn't touched the purity at my heart. I felt like somewhere within me a dark little worm was eating away at my essence, keeping me mired in the muds of unhappily going about my day, existing, but not living my true joy.

Most of my life I struggled with unearthing my inner self from beneath the fears and trepidations of my daily existence. I wanted to believe I was an awesome human being, worthy of love, deserving of life, but there was always a little voice of condemnation rippling through my affirmations. Through that experience with Conrad, I met my one true self, I affirmed -- I am an awesome human being, worthy of love, deserving of life. Period.

Not everyone needs to go through a cataclysmic exercise to reach their truth. It just happened to be the route I took. But, I believe we all need to embrace the truth of our beauty, our awesome nature, our powerful selves.

We are magnificent human beings on the journey of a lifetime. Live it up.

Today, as I journey through each moment, I embrace the truth and let go of the lie that once held me back from being all that I am meant to be. I embrace my fearless spirit, my passionate commitment to be all that I am when I live fearlessly in love with the world around me. Because, as the publisher, Malcolm S. Forbes, once said, "Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs." I'm sticking to my job of being magnificent on this journey of my lifetime. I'm taking the lead out of my daily grind and stirring the golden pot of opportunity with every step I take towards creating the life of my dreams.

The question is: Do you stand mired in the lead of your existence, or are you transmuting life into the limitless possibilities of being free to be all that you are meant to be?

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