Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning and all is well

Poet Walt Whitman wrote, "In the faces of men and women, I see God."

In the faces of my daughters, lit by gentle candle glow and twinkling Christmas tree lights, I see Love.

Christmas morning awakens and with it the festive furor of gift unwrapping and tissue crinkling. For the moment, I am alone. Alexis and Liseanne indulged in their late night Christmas Eve tradition of a movie and sleeping together in Alexis' bed. They've done this since childhood. Allowed to open one present before tucking into bed, (always their new pajamas) they load the DVD and cuddle up together. This year, as it has for many years past, Love Actually is the Christmas Eve movie of choice. Next door, C.C. sleeps on, three dogs curled up on the bed with him. (We're sitting Liseanne's boyfriends dog!) Christmas music plays on CBC FM, the lights sparkle. For now, the house is quiet and serene.

I move quietly through the house, tidying, preparing, anticipating the day ahead. Sixteen for dinner. Turkey stuffing to prepare. Bread to bake (another tradition Alexis would be upset to miss!) Cranberry salsa to ready. Table to set. A plethora of activities that imbue this day with a loving rosy glow.

All is ready. All is well. I am blessed.

It's Christmas.

I sigh and take a deep soothing breath.
To all of you, a very Merry Merry Christmas. May your days be bright, your hearts be full and your lives be embraced in love.

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