Saturday, December 1, 2007

Doing nothing

Cold winter air has settled on the city frosting the world with scalloped edges of crisp white pristine snow. Brrr. The mercury dips and I want to go back and curl up in bed.

But the world awaits.

Ellie paces impatiently for her walk. The laundry piles up in anticipation. Light expands across the dull grey sky. Chimneys leak smoke. Snow crunches beneath the tires of cars passing by on the road outside my window. The furnace hums spewing warm air throughout the house.

Winter has arrived on a breath of frigid air, and I want to curl up in bed.

What to do? What to do?

Some mornings are just better designed for lazing about. Tomorrow, I won't have a chance to curl up in bed. The art program I run at the shelter is holding an art show and I have to help set up in the morning.

This afternoon I'm taking an art class. This evening we're out to dinner.

What to do? What to do?

Most mornings decisions are easy because they're simply not necessary. My schedule is laid out like a freshly pressed suit waiting for me to step into my day.

Mornings like today are not so defined. I have choices. There's nothing heavy resting on my mind. No urgent deadline that must be met. I've got options.

Mornings like today are little gifts in an otherwise busy agenda filled with meetings and projects to complete, errands to run and people to see. For this morning, I get to choose to let the errands go. The projects and deadlines can wait. Those who would want to see me are hopefully curled up in their beds savouring the moment.

For me, I'm going back to bed. The morning has arrived and I don't have to leap out into the cold until....

Well, until I must! My choice! My day! What a delightful opportunity to be alive and free!

The question is: Do you allow yourself moments of lazy splendour curled up doing nothing but enjoying the comfort of your bed, and your bedfellow? Are you willing to give yourself the gift of time to do nothing but savour the moment?


sonicido said...

HI M.L. I love your blog :)
I remember in my 20's telling a friend that the only time I get to rest is when I'm in the hospital. I would run myself down to the point of dehydration and end up admitted!
Over the years, I learned to head to to my bed when I felt like I could not do one more thing.
BUT THESE DAYS, being OLDER and WISER-I take the day ahead of time. BEFORE I "feel" like it!
What is going to happen? the sun will refuse to shine? the dogs will starve to death? my children will stop loving me?
I'm in bed today and today I remain in bed.
Love and Hugs

M.L. Gallagher said...

Hi Soni.

Thanks for posting. Very wise of you to stay in bed and enjoy your day.

Ellie and I did eventually get out for a walk, but not until I absolutely had to do it. It was delightful -- both staying in bed until I felt like getting up, and walking with her in the crisp December air.

Love and hugs to you too,