Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What's your perspective?

Busy times.

Snow flies, settles to the ground. Time flies faster, in every direction away from right now. Within a blink of the eye, it's gone, into the next time, next moment.

I wonder some days where it's gone and then don't have the time to wonder as I fill the moment with what needs to be done, must be accomplished, has to be completed within a given time frame.

Time. Like the limit on my credit card, the closer I get to the deadline, the faster it appears to go.

Perhaps time is on my mind because this Sunday is my birthday. Where did the time go? I look at my daughters at 19 and 21 and wonder how could they be so mature? They didn't arrive on the scene of my life all that long ago. Where did the years fly?

And still time passes. And with it, all hope of getting the moments spent back. Must spend them wisely. Must fill them with the joy of living fearlessly.

Somedays, time is the prison I wear when I limit the expression of my magnificence, my bounty. My world becomes the prison of my perceptions.

When I perceive that I do not have enough time to accomplish all I want - it is my choice to cut back, pare back, realign my perceptions to be less chocker block full of 'must do's' and more filled with want to do's.

My choice how I spend my time.

Today, I was feeling stressed. So much to do. So little time to do it in.

Is that true? Or am I lying to myself by telling myself I have to do it all.

My choice.

Today, I choose to sit back, breathe and relax. Today I take the pressure off and move into that time where the possibilities are limitless and I am inhibited only by my imagination. My point of view determines my outcome. If I take a negative perspective of time, there will never be enough time to change.

In turning around and finding the positive perspective I see a whole new point of view where I can fill my time with meaningful work that makes a difference in my world today.

My time. My choice. My perspective.

The question is: What perceptions do you need to leave behind as time closes in on the end of this year? What do you need to change to shift your perspective from the negative value of not enough to the positive perspective of limitless possibility?

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