Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blessings of good fortune

The move is almost complete. We're still clearing out odds and ends at the old house. Fortunately, there's a time limit on how long we have! Alexis and Liseanne are going over today to clear out what was left in their rooms and to start cleaning up the mess left-over from the move -- and I am awash in boxes and papers. Chaos and clutter.

Yesterday, the Internet and telephone were hooked up and I got to the important task of setting up my computer. I now have a new office space to adjust to -- I'm looking forward to filling it with creative thoughts and energy.

Moving is such fun! Honest! Moving provides ample space for creativity to come alive. There's the possibility of creating new spaces. Settling into new routines. Expanding into different comfort zones. Building new places to be at one, and to be together.

C.C. and I are still sorting through his stuff my stuff. Alexis and Liseanne are still organizing their rooms, though Liseanne is much further ahead in the process than any of us.

A highlight of this new house becoming home -- the hot tub complete with DVD player and TV. And, the outdoor skating rink across the lane complete with lights. C.C. and E., Liseanne's boyfriend, have already been out for a pick-up game with some neighbours. The sound of their shots and shouts was music in the air as I waded through -- more boxes.

Have you ever wondered how you can accumulate so much stuff? Four + years ago, I had no 'things'. Now, I've got way too many things and too few places for them -- or time to use them either!

I remember the lightness of being 'thing free' for awhile. There was a sense of anything is possible. Anywhere possible. And then, I bought a microwave from a friend of my sisters who was moving away. She also threw in a box of dishes, cutlery, and an assortment of kitchen gadgets. Suddenly I had things.

I cried. Having one thing reminded me of all the things I had lost until I reminded myself, that was then, this is now and in the now I have so much. I am so blessed.

The microwave and dishes that started the snowball of my acquisition of 'life goods' was given away Saturday to the shelter where I work. They will find a home in someone else's life where they can become the catalysts for a change in fortune in someone else's life.

Moving so many things has reminded me again of how blessed I am. How fortunate. How lucky.

Moving isn't fun. But, the possibilities for fun are endless and the reminders for how blessed and fortunate I am are endless too.

Today, I focus on my possibilities. My blessings are many. My gratitude list is brimming with good fortune.

Today, my body weary, my mind sleepy, I give thanks for this amazing life where I have all I ever need to live with grace and ease through each day -- a warm house becoming home filled with treasures I've accumulated settling beside C.C.'s treasures. I am surrounded by the love of my daughters, family and friends and a man who reminds me every day, I am loved.

I am blessed.

The question is: Are you focused on the stuff in your life or the people? Are you counting your misfortunes or your blessings?


CZBZ said...

Sending you a house-warming cyber-hug!


M.L. Gallagher said...

Thanks CZ! I feel warmer and more connected already!

Hugs back.