Sunday, April 20, 2008

Truth dances

January in April is not cool. It's cold that's for sure, but definitely not cool.

Snow blankets the city, a mid-winter worthy cold wind blows. The furnace blares heat, the dogs lie curled up on their blankets and I snuggle in my bed, dragging my heels on getting up and at 'em.

Oh where, oh where is global warming when we really need it?

Last night I had dinner with friends all of whom have been through Choices. It was a fun evening of laughter, good food, wine, and great conversation.

At one point, our host asked each of us to share something that has shifted for us in our journey since having the Choices experience. As we moved around the table, I listened to the stories people were sharing and was in awe. The stories were powerful, but even more powerful was the commonality between all of us.

We were born miracluous beings, had lost our spirit somewhere on the road of life and were awakening to the truth of our own magnificence.

As I looked around the faces at the table, I saw life expressed in the wonder we each represented. We covered the growing years. The twenties into the fifies. A continuum of life seen through the perspective of different generations sharing the realization that life is all we've got, we'd best use it up wisely.

There were ten of us at the table. We had all experienced loss of some kind. End of marriage being the most common. One woman's marriage had ended four years ago with the death of her husband of 30 years. One after a four year abusive rampage that left her shattered and broken. One man's marriage ended when he found his wife cheating on him, and another's ended when he came home to his luggage packed and the news 'it's over', his only indication something was wrong.

No matter the circumstances of the lives of the people sitting around the table, however, the topic of converation was not about what had 'gone wrong'. Our conversation focussed on all that was going right, on all that was happening, and all that could happen when we live fearlessly in love with who we are, and commit to being all we're meant to be in love and joy.

It was a powerful evening. A deepening of friendship. A stengthening of commitment. It was an evening where personal truth in all its beautiful, multi-faceted dimensions lit the faces of those gathered around the table, and settled into our hearts like a warm chocolate pudding melting on our tongues.

Truth is powerful. When the human spirit reveals itself and shares its magnificence, truth dances with joy.

Last night I witnessed true hearts sharing without fear of being judged less than, other than, or even more than who they truly are. There was no judging. Last night, truth danced and I leaped for joy.

The question is: Regardless of the travails of the past, are you willing to let your spirit dance? Are you willing to put down the knives of past hurts and dance in the light of life's glorious feast spread out before you, inviting you to eat of its largesse?

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