Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dare to Soar

When I started this blog I had a desire to write every morning. I gave myself a couple of guidelines -- Write positively. Write personally. Write about what inspires me.

Sunrise inspires me. Golden autumn leaves shimmering in the sunlight inspire me. Rainbows, rain clouds, rain drops inspire me. A piece of art, a piece of music, a poem, a kind word, a gentle touch, a loving look inspire me. Stillness. Movement. Hugs. Kisses. Smiles. Waves. They too inspire me.

People inspire me. I am inspired by life.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive. Howard Thurman
On January 19 I will be presenting at a one day conference. Dare to Soar . The presenters at this conference have all experienced life's setbacks and been inspired to rebuild, reclaim, and renew their commitment to living their best life yet. Brian Willis, of Winning Mind Training, is organizing the event. Brian inspires me. He is on a constant journey of learning, growing, being the best he can be. Brian is committed to sharing his deep knowledge about personal excellence and about bringing together people who want to do the same so that others can learn from their experiences.

When I wrote, The Dandelion Spirit, Brian contributed to my book as a 'safety expert'. Prior to Conrad's release from prison, Brian worked with my daughters and me to create a safety perimeter so that we could live our lives without fear. In 'target hardening' our world, I created a victor mentality that stated, I am responsible for my life. No one can make me into a victim -- unless I give them the power.

Claiming 100% responsibility for my life inspires me to live beyond my self-limiting beliefs that would have me believe I can't make a difference. Truth is, I can make a difference. When I behave differently, I create a world of change and a world of difference in my life.

Many things inspire me. When I live an inspired life I come alive and become the inspiration in my day. The spark that lights my way into living my best life yet, every day.

The question is: What inspires you? Are you living an inspired life today?

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