Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day of celebration.

It was a day of celebration.

About thirty people gathered together to celebrate the opening of our very own artists space at the homeless shelter where I work.

I started just after I joined the shelter two years ago. We've used borrowed space, continually moving and cleaning up, putting our supplies away, shuffling the works as we've moved along, sharing a multi-purpose room with many others.

Yesterday, our very own space was officially opened. What a wonderful day.

For M and R, two of the artists, the day was filled with pride and a sense of hope. Hope that this could lead to more, to something greater than its simple origins. With their art they are fanning the embers of a dream that life could become more than they imagine living in a homeless shelter.

For those who came and participated, there was a sense of hope and joy as well. Several politicians attended -- a coup in and of itself! In their attendance, we brought light on something that is integral to every human being -- The power of the creative spirit to keep hope alive.

The French have a saying, “Hope is the dream of a soul awake.”

When I witness the art of the clients who come to, I am in awe of their spirits awakening. In their work, they create bridges of hope, of community, of beauty with those of us who walk on the other side of the street.

"There are no boundaries to art," said R.K, one of the artists yesterday. "There is no social or economic status, no judgement of how you dress, or speak, or even where you live. There is only the creative spirit."

It was a day of celebration. Of joy. Of possibility. Of hope.


CZBZ said...

My natural instincts to create 'art' during times of stress and confusion, allowed me to stay in contact with my 'true' self.

When I look back an my artwork several years ago, I was telling myself everything I needed to know about truth, reality, self and yes, HOPE.

Your efforts to inspire those who have lost their sense of value, purpose and worth is admirable, Louise. I love reading your blog and seeing how you put principles & values into practice.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that I missed out on the special day of celebration...glad to hear that it was a success!


Merelyme said...

On this day in history...marked by national sorrow...I am so glad to hear this happy story. I am new to your site and I love the concept of your site. I would love to reclaim my joy.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Hi CZ -- I remember the pics of your sculptures 'way back then' -- very powerful. Art is a way of finding the truth within each of us. And when we release the expression of our truth through paintings and sculpture and needlepoint and other forms of art, we immerse ourselves in the power to be our most magnificent selves.

Kim -- I'm sorry you missed it too! It was awesome.

Merlyme -- Welcome. I live in Canada. September 11 is a day of sorrow, and a day of hope. Recently, when I was in New YOrk, my daughter and I visited St. Paul's church and Ground zero. What a powerful impact it had on both of us. Amidst the sorrow and pain and suffering, there is the human spirit struggling to take flight, to fill the void with beauty and, as CZ says, HOPE.