Monday, October 6, 2008

How full is your cupboard?

Reflect upon your blessings, of which every man has plenty, not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. Charles Dickens
I spent the weekend sorting and packing. Culling through cupboards and drawers, divesting myself of "hmmm, haven't used that in forever" items and carefully packing into boxes treasured dishes and mementos.

And, as happens so often in the past five years, I can't believe how much I've collected in five short years. Believe it. It's true!

Old Mother Hubbard would be shaking in her empty boots if she saw my prosperity laden shelves.

I mean, really, how many sets of dishes does a girl need? I've got the bright red and blue and turquoise and gold striped dishes for sit down dinners of 16. I've got the flowered blue and white for relaxed get-togethers of 8 or sophisticated white plates for elegant dinners of the same number. Oh, and then I've got large and small, formal and informal, round or square, oblong or hexagonal serving trays, platters and bowls. Glass, metal, pottery. Big bowls. Little bowls. Water jugs of many sizes. Looking for serving ware? I've got it.

Perhaps in my quest to replace what was lost, I've acquired a hoarders mind. You know, the gather up more and more just in case.... Just in case happens around the corner. Just in case meets me down the next block.

Reality is, all the collecting in the world won't prevent what happened in the past. The past is yesterday. It's gone. done for. It cannot be repeated but it can be relived every day if I keep myself looking back, tripping over the hearth of tomorrow, anticipating a rerun of yesterday as I move cautiously and fearfully in the here and now.

All the collecting in the world won't prevent the past from rising up today, clouding up tomorrow.

Only way I know to let the past lie peacefully in history is to live my life today, fearlessly and passionately. When I create today without fear of yesterday, I create a life worth living. Don't know what tomorrow will bring. I do know it won't bring yesterday when I live life fully, arms wide open, heart full of laughter, love and joy. To inhibit the past tripping up my tomorrows I have to make the most of my life today.

But I do love dishes.

So, C.C. and I have made a deal. We're not moving again! Haha. Can't see into tomorrow any better today than I could yesterday. Who knows what exciting vistas tomorrow may bring. For today, however, travelling light is taking on a whole new context as I wrap up one more platter, one more bowl, one more serving spoon -- and I haven't even gotten to my vases yet!

Travelling light isn't about stuff. It's about attitude. Lightness of being. Gentleness of spirit.

Travelling light is my attitude of gratitude. It's my dance of joy through packing boxes and paper. It's my WOW factor. Isn't life grand? Isn't it great? I haven't accumulated a lot of stuff. I've acquired a whole new perspective on living life filled with what's important now. Or, as my friend Brian Willis of Winning Mind Training would say, "What's my W.I.N.?"

W.I.N. What's important now?

What is important now is that I appreciate my abundance. I embrace my prosperity.

In just over five years, I have filled my life with what matters most to me. Sure, I've got a bunch of stuff. I like the stuff. I love to cook. Love to entertain. Love to have the stuff that goes with it too!

Most importantly, though, amidst all the stuff, I have what counts. I have love. I have a world filled with people I love and who I know love me. I have good health. A home. I have a job I love. I do work that is vital to me, that gives me an opportunity to make a difference and contribute to a more caring world. I get to look at sunrises and sunsets. Stand in awe of autumn leaves falling in golden splendor. Feel the breeze caressing my cheeks as the puppies and I romp through fields of autumn colour falling all around us.

And, I have a man I love who walks through the door and asks the right questions.

C.C. spent Saturday moving boxes and such into the garage. Clearing out items. Hauling things off to the dump. Yesterday, he had to spend the day in his office. His work was vital and necessary. He had to meet with his partners, go over the content of a proposal, ensure every aspect of the deal was covered, every contingency planned. After a full day pouring over contract details, he walked through the door and asked, "What shall I make for dinner?"

Gotta love a man who cooks.

He made prawns in a delicious garlic and wine sauce. For Alexis, who can't eat garlic, he sauteed them in peanut sauce.

Thoughtful. Caring. Funny. And he cooks!

I am blessed.

My world is filled with all that matters. Love. Laughter. Joy. A man who cooks and all the right serving platters too!

Who could ask for anything more?

The question is: What's your world filled with? How full is your cupboard? How grateful is your heart?

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