Monday, October 27, 2008

Moving In

Moving. Yup. Definitely fun. If you have only one suitcase (small) a wallet, and a cellphone. Any more than that and moving can be..... painful.

But, it is also is a new beginning. Starting over. Fresh start. New horizons.

We are in. As are a few dozen boxes (unpacked), sundre bags of clothing, shoes and who knows what. C.C. hooked the TV up -- he's happy. And I have the kitchen almost in order. I'm happy.

And tired.

Moving is tiring. But the weary bones are nothing compared to the anticipation and excitement of owning a home where we both believe we can grow old together. Or at least, grow together, not sure about the 'old' part. Not into getting old. Especially today when bones are bruised, joints ache and tiredness pervades my being!

Aside from that though, we've moved into the house. Lele, my youngest daughter will move her stuff on Saturday. Alexis is moving on, moving out, moving forward. She's got a place with her boyfriend. They're starting a new life together too!

Triggers in moving abound. The closing had to be moved because of some paperwork involving C.C.'s former wife. It wasn't happening. The mortgage company wasn't forwarding funds. And I was living on the waves of anxiety caused by a belief the past could/would/will repeat itself.

THe past never repeats itself unless I believe it will.

It didn't. The paperwork got done. The house closed. And the past will rest in peace.

Moments of joy permeated the ennui of toting boxes, shifting bags and sifting through papers that have no purpose other than to clutter up my desk. Moments of joy were watching Ellie cavort in her new backyard, leaves flying all around her, tail wagging as she raced in circles, barking cries of joy. Or making that first cup of coffee yesterday morning. A bowl of my sisters amazingly good Turkey soup for dinner last night, sitting on the bed watching who knows what -- I was too tired to be aware of what was on the TV. I just loved the joy of sitting beside C.C. dogs lying on the floor at the foot of the bed as we ate soup and yummy bread and shared a glass of special wine my daughter's boyfriend had given us.

Moving is a drag. Moving in, setting up, settling in -- aaahhhh, that's bliss.

I'll be late on posting -- my computer is not yet setup as my Internet is not working... But, I will be back!

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