Saturday, November 8, 2008


For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude. Unknown
I am blessed.

My life is rich and full. I have work I love, a home to call my own, things to clutter my spaces, good health, a world of abundance.

And I have the people I love and who love me.

Yesterday, after spending the morning unpacking, Alexis, Liseanne and I went to lunch. We spent a couple of hours laughing and joking, telling stories, sharing. We even shared a bottle of wine and then went shopping -- not for clothing, but for household goods. A set of measuring cups for Alexis, cutlery tray for me, toothbrush for Liseanne. In doing the mundane together, we deepened our appreciation of what it is that makes our relationship and eachother so special.

I am blessed.

When my daughters were small I dreamt of their wanting to spend time with me when they were adults. It was vital to me that we have the kind of relationship where we could talk about anything, laugh about everything and cry over something. I worked hard to build relationships with them fostered by love and caring, respect, integrity, openness, dignity. A relationship that honoured their uniqueness, and celebrated their magnificence.

As a mother, I wanted the kind of relationship with my daughters that I dreamt of having with my mother.

I got what I dreamed of.

I got the blessing of two young women in my life who are kind and caring, intelligent, captivating, enchanting. Who can talk of what matters to their heart, and talk about what matters in their world.

What an amazing blessing. What a wonderful gift. The gift of having my dreams come true. The gift of love.

I am blessed.

It is Saturday. I'm off to take a one day painting course. It's a new technique using acrylics like water colour paints. I'm looking forward to it. Time to immerse myself in the creative process. Time to simply be in the moment creating.

Life is a journey of creation. May your creation today be a joyous reflection of your uniqueness, your beauty, your gifts, your magnificence.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you mom. I too am so blessed to have a mother that I feel safe to laugh, and cry and dream with.