Monday, December 15, 2008

Stop Poking the Beehive

The ability to invent a desired future is directly dependent upon the willingness to break with the past. Robert J. Kriegel
Morning lurks upon the eastern horizon. Night clings to its woolly blanket, pulling the covers over its head in one last futile attempt to keep darkness in, day at bay.

Morning awakens to a fresh new dawn of possibilities. What happened yesterday is done. Gone. Part of the past. What could happen today is unknown, a mystery, an awakening. All I have is this moment. Right now. Filled with possibilities. Steeped in potential. This is my moment to step into possibility, to prepare a course for the future, to open the door to fresh thinking (though at -30C that might be risky!) and to leap into the unknown of a new day breaking.

I have a vision of my future. An idea. A dream.

In the past I had dreams. In the past I hesitated on working on making my dreams come true. To create the life of my dreams today, I must let go of old habits, self-defeating behaviours and limiting beliefs so that my dreams can come true today. I must free myself from what was, to create what is possible when I live up to my full potential, when I embrace my creative possibilities and quit listening to the incessant chatter of my 'monkey mind' thinking so that I can focus my attention on energizing this day with all I'm worth.

Soygal Rinpoche, in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying compares our negative mind chatter, or 'monkey mind' to a beehive. It's constantly swarming with thoughts and ideas on the negative, the impossible, our doubts and fears and anxieties. It's like a beehive, he writes. We can poke the hive and provoke the bees into chasing and stinging us, or, we can choose to leave the beehive alone and focus our attention on energizing our goals.

In the past, I was an expert beehive poker. Constantly listening to my monkey mind chatter away about this or that. I was letting my perceived worries and doubts divert my attention from what I needed to be doing to energize my goals. By constantly worrying over all the things that I had little or no control over, things that did not add value to my actions, I didn't get to the actions I needed to take to reach my goals and make my dreams come true.

Today is a brand new day, filled with potential. The root of the word potential is potent. According to the Free Online Dictionary, the definition of potent is: Possessing inner or physical strength; powerful.

Today holds great potential for me. I possess inner and physical strength. My potential is powerful!

Today, I'm letting go of yesterday, stepping into the moment, confident in my potential, assured of my ability to make things happen! I'm turning off the mindless chatter and tuning into the energy of my goals. I am awake and conscious. I am the master of my destiny, the creator of my dreams come true. I am unblocking the future, unlocking the vault of my creativity and leaping into my potential. I'm on fire!

The question is: What about you? Are you listening to your monkey mind chatter away about all the things that could go wrong, all the things that might never happen but could if you take a step away from holding onto the past? Are you willing to light a spark of creativity in your thinking, let go and get going on living the life of your dreams?

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Sarah said...

Thank you again Louise! I've been poking that bee hive too many times lately, allowing all my fears and anxieties to take root and destroy my confidence, my joy and my dream work.

It's so terribly easy to be distracted by the negative, because no matter what we are doing, they are there, and all too often they are forced to mind by others. But, that doesn't mean I have to let them stay at the forefront of my mind. I can let them go and move on - allowing this beautiful -30 weather to refresh my mind as well as my lungs.

I wish you all the best your potential can bring you today. God bless you.