Saturday, January 31, 2009

A big stretch!

Off to a late start this morning -- workshop to go to, house a disaster -- and I'm heading out the door.

You have no idea how scary that is!

WE celebrated Lele's 21st last night in grand fashion. Family and friends gathered to toast the guest of honour -- and I went to bed as the 'youngun's' carried on into the wee hours. I awoke to a house filled with glasses, dirty plates and mayhem.

And I'm leaving it.

Not my normal style! I like to get it cleaned up, My Way. I like it done as soon as I get up.

Today, I am walking out the door -- and not apologizing! Not thinking, I should stay home and clean up. I should do it all myself.

Whew! Watch me stretch!

And breathe.

And know -- it will be what it will be when I come home. As long as I trust myself enough to not be anxious all day about what I'm coming home to. As long as I trust, I'm okay.

Have an awesome day!

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