Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All of this and everything better

Curving into myself I create again and again. Bhagavad Gita
My life expands or contracts, depending upon my state of mind. Everything that happens in my world is dependent upon how expanded or contracted I am.

When I am breathing freely, my mind angst free, my thoughts open and willing to explore all that is before me, I am 'in the flow'. Flowing freely. Flowing into life as a wonderful adventure.

When I am contracted. My breath shallow, my mind riddled with fear, my thoughts rotating around all that is wrong, all that is lacking in my life, I am 'out of tune', out of step. Out of sync with my passions and the adventure of my life time, I limit the adventure of my lifetime.

One of the most powerful thoughts from The Passion Test weekend was the realization that, "What I put my attention on grows stronger in my life."

What I focus on I am creating.

If I am focused on 'lack', thoughts of lack grow stronger.

What I fear, I create.

For example, if I fear bills at the end of the month, thoughts of bills coming at the end of the month take up a lot of my mindspace -- limiting the time I have to think of more positive, creative, powerful ways to create opportunities for abundance.

I fear not having enough energy to get the job done. Thoughts of my lack of energy keep me from getting the job done, draining me of energy I could have expended towards getting the job done with the energy I have.

When I am focused on abundance, thoughts of expansion, of growth, of opportunity in my life grow stronger.

What I love, I create.

I love writing. Thoughts of writing keep my attention on what I love to do. What I love to do makes me happy. I create the time to do what makes me happy and create writing that makes me happier -- and fulfill on my passion of 'touching hearts and opening minds to set spirits free'!

I love C.C. Thoughts of my love for C.C. keep me focused on everything about him that pleases me. My pleasure in his presence creates more opportunities for me to express my love. When I express my love, he feels loved. When he knows he's loved, he focuses on his love for me which builds my confidence in love. When I am confident in his love, I am full of joy, giving freely of my love.

It is a wonderful circle of creativity, of creation.

I am either contracting or expanding.

We are continually in search of a state of homeostasis. There is no 'standing still'. I am either moving towards lack or into abundance. I am energy. Where I focus my energy is up to me. It is my choice.

Everything is connected to everything.

I am connected to my thoughts. My thoughts are connected to my words. My words to my actions. My actions to my habits. My habits create the path upon which I experience the world around me. How I experience the world around me is connected to my thoughts, and so it goes.

Today, I choose to expand into this moment. Into the wonder and joy of living life on the other side of my comfort zone. That place where abundance reigns. Where bliss expands each moment into my best moment yet! Where you experience, all of this and everything better.

The question is: Where are you focusing your attention? Are you contracting into all that is wrong. Into your fears and anxiety? Or, are you expanding out, breathing into all that is possible when you focus on your strength, beauty, gifts and abundance?

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