Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The universe is. I am

Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and myself founded empires; but what foundation did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded an empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for Him. Napoleon Bonaparte
I have spent a lifetime attempting to pummel my world into shape. To beat into submission errant thoughts that would keep me from attaining everything I wanted in life.

And in my brute force attack of having the life I wanted, I lost the very thing I was searching for. Inner peace.

The universe doesn't care. It is.

The universe is everything and all. It resonates at the highest frequency, eternal. Ever-lasting.

It's me, the mortal, emanator of the negative vibration, spelling out the myths of my lack on this material plane, that holds me back from bliss, that keeps me falling into dismay, that keeps me stepping out into discord.

The universe doesn't care. It just is.

And in its 'just thereness' the universe waits for no man, but is there for all to attain the harmonic vibration that puts us on a different plane, that puts us in sync with the universe -- we only have to care enough to not care about what's going on on this earthly plane, to get there.

So often, we step through life bemoaning its unfairness, deriding its inability to 'get in line', to turn up for us in a way other than the way it's turning up.

Reality is, the universe doesn't care how we turn up. It is always filled with all we want, all we need, all we desire -- it's waiting (or not) for us to awaken to the truth of our divinity. The universe is always going on about its business. It doesn't care if we awaken to its beauty, or not, it simply is being the Divine essence of all things beautiful filled with limitless possibility of life eternal, life divinely beyond the earthly realm of our imaginings.

When I let go of caring about what other's think, about the unfairness of the world, about the trials and tribulations of my daily existence, and tune into the divine essence of my being, I align myself with the wonders of the world around me. In my alignment, life takes on a rosy hue never before realized by me.

It isn't about material possessions or having the biggest title ever imagined. It is about inner peace that sees the beauty in this moment, living it up for all I'm worth without measuring what's missing against the scale of all that I've achieved, or not.

The universe doesn't care if I am Chief Pooh-bah of all things important, or Grunt Underdog of all things irrelevant. The universe is -- it's up to me to care enough about me to let go of striving to have it all 'out there' when all I ever need is here, inside of me, awaiting to awaken to the brilliance of my being at peace with who I am. In my acceptance of who I am is the gift of love for all of me in this moment. In love, I awaken to the power to create the world of my dreams.

The universe is. My awakening to its magnificence is up to me.

The question is: Are you willing to let go of what you think, or what other's think of you, to be all you are in this moment of your existence? Can you let go of measuring your world against all that is wrong, or all that you lack to fall in love with your life today exactly the way it is?

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Sarah M said...

Hi Louise!

This is very powerful for me. As I read your thoughts my own started to run away with me. I'm studying the book "Captivating" by John & Stasi Eldredge with a group of beautiful women and we are all opening up to our own sense of wonder and awe and healing. But what it is bringing to my foremind and you reminded me of today is that we are all beautiful. We are all worthy of love. We are worthy of loving ourselves.

Jesus loved me, you and all people into His empire. Others have forced us into their empires, but the one that has lasted the longest, and will last through all time is Jesus' and He loves me beyond all measure. He calls me to "love your neighbour as you love yourself".

I guess my question is... do I? I think for the most part we do love our neighbour as we love ourselves and that should cause us to pause and reflect on how we treat our neighbours, because then we might get a proper sense of how much we love ourselves and then we can start looking to change that.

Today I have been inspired to replace some of the negative phrases that run through my mind with words of love, because I am loved and I am worthy of love and until I love myself I cannot love others or expect others to love me the way I want to be or deserve to be.

Thanks again for being an inspiration to me. May you be blessed with much love today.