Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are you willing to shine?

Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs. Malcolm Forbes
We come into this world, nothing more, nothing less than perfect beings of the human kind. We are each and everyone of us different. Different sizes, different skin tone, different eye colour, different weight. We have different heart beats, different blood types, different DNA. We are born in different times, different places, different circumstances. We are different and yet, of the same body, the same human form. And within each of us, there lies a treasure trove of unique gifts awaiting their moment to sparkle. Gifts that make a difference in the world through our unique way of expressing them.

As we grow and unfold into our human condition, we are forged upon the circumstances of our journey. Having never witnessed the perfection of their beauty, the humans around us treat our delicate spirits as they were taught to treat theirs. They yell and hit. They lie and cheat. They run from love and act out their fear. They hide their brilliance beneath the dirt that life has dumped upon them.

In their teachings, we learn to believe we are nothing than worthless pieces of dirt with no value to add to this world. In our disbelief that there is nothing more than this state of being, we become frightened, weak, disheartened and dispirited. We learn to hide our gifts, to stand in the shadows of our light and play it small, play it safe, play it silent, play it angry, play it sad. And in our learning how to play the game of life, we hide behind our fear that we are not unique, we are not brilliant but rather nothing more than a chunk of coal. And in our sorrow, our lives turn into the daily grind of struggling to keep warm in the long dark nights of the souls journey that has become our life.

And then, one day, there is a moment. A moment of truth. Of desperation. Of hope. We encounter an event, a person, a place, a time where the weight of wallowing in the dirty messy mud of our lives no longer outweighs the idea of breaking free of the prisons of our mind. We break open.

In our breaking open, we break free of the deep black chunk of coal imprisoning us in the soil. We begin the journey of learning to shine. To sparkle, to cast multi-facets prisms of light that reflect the brilliance of our human being.

And as we begin to sparkle, as we work hard at polishing off our every facet of being, we begin to shine as no other human on earth can shine.

Each and every one of us is a beautiful sparkling diamond. We are each of us unique. Each of us special.

At Choices, I am given the gift of watching every single being in the room unearth the uniqueness of their spirit. To touch the brilliance of their being.

The task of breaking open has begun. The journey is now upon them to embrace their human condition and shine.

The question is: Are you willing to unearth your brilliance? To let it shine let no other being on earth can shine? We are each diamonds. Multi-facetsed Brilliant. Unique. Are you willing to shine?

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