Sunday, April 5, 2009

Doing it differently.

Self-pity in its early stages is as snug as a feather mattress. Only when it hardens does it become uncomfortable. Maya Angelou
So, the bug has passed and I am once again on my feet. That's the thing about bugs, they come and they go, and like most things unwanted in my life, they pass on through. The only residual is a couple of days lying in bed coddling myself (in between trips to the bathroom), sleeping and doing nothing.

It is a beautiful day here in Calgary. Spring is in the air -- as it should be! On the south side of the street, outside my office window, large patches of brown grass interrupt the snowy leftovers of our last storm, and the one before that and the one before that... The sky arcs in an endless blue fading into infinity, a magpie struts across the road, searching for some piece of offal to pick at.

This was a violent flu. Time to think was minimized by writhing around in bed, willing the churning in my stomach to dissipate.

Finally, realizing that lying in bed feeling sorry for myself was not gaining me any peace of mind, I pulled out an imagery CD I bought from Winning Mind Training -- I recommend Brian Willis' Circles of Personal Excellence highly. Half an hour with Brian's voice coaching me through the process, I felt refreshed and invigorated. It's a simple process to find your 'Circle of Personal Excellence', and it's very powerful.

The moral: There is value in every situation. Giving myself a pity party only creates more pity. While it's important to 'give into' a flu bug, it's also important to keep nurturing spirit. I bought this CD a few months ago and had never taken the time to listen to it. Feeling low, I put it on and got high again on life.

The question is: What are you willing to do differently today? Are you ready for miracles to appear?

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Glad to hear you're feeling better!