Saturday, May 16, 2009


The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success. Bruce Feirstein
Have you ever said to someone when they've told you their plans, "Are you crazy? Why would you even think that's possible for you to accomplish?"

And then, when they do, think they're brilliant?

On May 21 it will be six years since the police walked in and released me from the relationship that was killing me. It seemed crazy to think I could or would write a book about an experience that was so devastating. But I did.

Yesterday, while at my chiropractor's office, one of the women who works there said, "I think your book should be mandatory reading for every young girl. It's not about the details of what happened to you, but about finding yourself after you fall down and living true to yourself."

I wrote The Dandelion Spirit for several reasons. 1) To share my story in the hopes it would touch someone else's pain and open them to the possibility of healing from an abusive relationship. 2) To write it out. To get it out on paper so that I could be freed of carrying 'the story' with me, so that I could make room for a new story. 3) To inspire people to stand up after they've fallen down and step freely into being all they can be when they love themselves for all they're worth and live true to their values, principles and beliefs. And 4) Because I wanted to. Believed I could. And believed it would add value to the world.

I've been blessed. Since it was published three years ago, The Dandelion Spirit has affected people's lives in very positive ways. It has added value. It has created possibility in lives where none existed before.

It's time to move beyond that first step and take it to a new level.

Recently, I was given the name and contact info of a publisher in New York to send my book to. I haven't done it. Yet.

What's with my hesitation?

Well, I could trot out a long list of excuses but the reality is -- I haven't done it. I am the length of rope keeping me tethered to my fear, my anxiety, my lack of will to 'get it done'. I am my own invisible, and visible, fence.

Doesn't matter the reason. What matters is the realization that it is me, myself and I holding me back, fighting with my success.

The question is: What do I want to create in my life and the world around me?

I want to create a world where spirits dance free in love, joy and harmony. I want to inspire people, to touch hearts and open minds. I want to make a difference.

And I can't do that sitting on my duff doing nothing with my book.

One thing I've learned, the Universe doesn't drive up in a golden Cadillac and say, here's your successmobile, get in.

The Universe expects me to open the door while it's parked in front of me. If I don't it will continue to flow, to drive on.

The Universe doesn't stop being full of possibility and opportunity. The Universe doesn't stop.

I do.

I wonder how many people need to come to me and say, "Louise, your book saved my life." "Thank you for sharing your story. You gave me the courage to get out of mine." "Wow. What a beautiful writer. I love the poetry of how you write. I love the courage it took to share. You inspire me."

I wonder how many people I need to hear that from before I take it seriously? Before I say, "okay, time to do what it takes to have what I want."

It's up to me.

The question is: What do you want to create in your life and the world around you? Are you willing to BE committed to DO what it takes to HAVE what you want?


S L M Moss said...

We are our own worst enemy sometimes. This ties in, too, to "What's your Story?" because one would never know that you also suffer the angst that comes from success and facing the unknown.


M.L. Gallagher said...

Hello Sarah -- We are all human. We all suffer the same angst -- the difference is in whether or not that angst controls us, or not.

Hugs to you my friend!


Brandi said...

oh, i hope you will consider're an amazing writer with such a huge talent for touching hearts. please let us know if you do :)