Saturday, May 23, 2009

In love and light

Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit. Jeremy Taylor. Anglican Bishop 1613 - 1667

I didn't know his wife very well. Had only met her a few times when I went to their house to work with him in his film editing studio. When I did meet her she was always warm and welcoming. Serene.

Last night, I went to her memorial service. I wanted to honour her journey and support my friend.

The service was held in a temple on the other side of the city. A small, former church, the space has been converted into a meditation space. Clean white walls. No ornamentation other than the altar at the front where pictures of Yogi and Saints, including Jesus Christ, line the wall of an alcove. Candles burned. Incense infused the air with its sweet, pungent aroma. Soft sitar music played. People sat in chairs in silent meditation as I quietly entered and took a seat. At the centre of the altar alcove, a picture of D. sat framed by a red and white rose on either side. A vase of roses sat on the floor on either side of the table, one red, one white.

Simple. Serene. Beautiful.

Other than my friend, I didn't know anyone there. But during the ceremony I felt connected to each of them. Connected to an energy that flowed peacefully throughout the room. The service began with an Opening Prayer and a chant. An ancient Vedic Aum. Each reading was punctuated by a period of meditation. The evening ended with our arms outstretched, fingers at eye level as we chanted seven Aum to send with her spirit on its journey home.

It was a beautiful, heartfelt and loving celebration of one woman's home.

As I drove home, the sun was setting beyond the ridges of the mountains to the west. Light filtered through trees in amber hues. Sparkles danced on the river. Shadows lengthened into velvety darkness.

A verse drifted through my head.

I am Spirit
into the river
of life
tumbling down the mountainside
cascading joyfully
into my soul
with the infinite calmness
of bliss exploding
into The One.
I am One
You are One
Thou and I are One
becoming One with the Spirit.

God Speed your journey today.

Blessings on your path.

In love and light.

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