Friday, July 31, 2009

Fulfillment is living WIN

It's not what you do some of the time that counts, it's what you do all the time that counts. Jack LaLanne
My mornings have taken on a different flow. No longer stirring at the crack of dawn, I awaken slowly, letting the sun warm up the air outside the window, entreating the birds to get busy twittering at the feeder. The rhythm of my day takes on a different timber, the ebb and flow becomes less frantic, as I open up to having a day of no commitments, no, 'To Do List", no deadlines or crisis to meet.

In my recovery, lying here with my foot up, watching the birds and bees in my back yard, what I do all the time becomes much more apparent. No matter my day, no matter the daily need of getting things done that have to be done, of having my day hi-jacked from the first phone call or email requesting an answer or information or help, what I do is ask myself, as Brian Willis of Winning Mind Training teaches: What's Important Now -- WIN.

No matter the circumstances, no matter the crisis or situation, my WIN dictates that I create more of what works in my life and less of what doesn't by asking myself -- what's my WIN?

Healing is a priority for me right now. Staying off my foot creates a better outcome for the future than ignoring my doctor's advice and getting busy 'being busy'.

What I'm realizing as I sink into this moment of unpressured time, is that often my 'busyness' is a way of avoiding putting my focus where it needs to be to create the life of my dreams.

Fulfilling dreams is important work. And it can be scary too. By making myself appear soooo busy that I don't have time to do What's Important Now, I build in a ready made excuse for why I'm not doing what I dream of doing -- as opposed to loving what I'm doing.

See, I love working in a homeless shelter. I love what I do there -- but, I still have other dreams, other priorities, other goals that are important to me -- and in this unstructured time, this gift of time to heal, I can spend my time looking out the window, watching the birds, or, I can spend my time creating the WIN in my life.

The choice is mine.

It's now Day 9 since I came home from the hospital. I've given myself ten days to rest and recuperate, to enjoy the sensation of 'no pressure' to get anything done. In the gift of that time, I have awoken to the reality of my WIN.

What's Important Now is that I get creating. Creating an outline for my new book. Creating a plan. Creating a map.

I've been given the gift of time. It is up to me to fill it with What's Important Now.

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Bobbie said...

Happy creating, Louise! I hope your healing up continues smoothly. :)