Tuesday, July 14, 2009

May love become you

Life is rather like a tin of sardines - we're all of us looking for the key. Alan Bennett
What if there is no 'key' to life? What if this is it? This, right now, what you're doing, being, seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking, experiencing -- this is life. Your life. For better or worse. In sickness and in health, this is what it is.

What would you do differently?

Last night, I indulged in a habit that is becoming my new favourite activity to experience with my daughters -- Yoga class. It was a Yin/Yang class -- using the energy of Yang to move us into the stillness of Yin where we become balanced and at peace. The instructor was superb. Her melodious voice, filled with rich, vibrant words flowed around us as she moved us through each movement, encouraging us to hold each posture for just a little bit longer, to feel the sensations, invite them into our bodies and let them awaken us to living, completely, wholly, sensually alive.

At one point, as we worked on opening up our heart Chakra, she invited us to focus our attention on someone we love. Anyone. My mind leaped to my two daughters lying on their mats behind me. Surround that person(s) with the energy of love, she encouraged. Open your heart to them. Let your love pour out, encompass them, wrap them up in its illumination. Feel the healing grace of love embrace them and you, connecting you, holding you safe, wrapping you up together in love's beauty and peace.


What if it were that simple?

What if in thinking love I become love? What if love is a renewable resource that never ends, never stops flowing, never stops healing? What if.... love is all it takes to create a new reality?

What I put my attention on becomes stronger in my life.

When I think of what is wrong in my life, my feelings about what is wrong in my life grow stronger. I begin to feel like everything is wrong, there's so little right, what's the use in trying to change?

When I think of 'love', my feelings of love grow stronger. My senses awaken to love's limitless capacity to heal, to change, to create. I become one with the lifeforce creating more of what I want in my life and the world around me.

My prayer for today is...

For today, let me 'be love'.
Surround my thoughts, my actions, my words, my being with light. Let me become love as love becomes me.
For today, I surrender my victim's story and my hero's tale.
With each breath I flow into love. I breathe into the energy of love that lives within me, above me, below me, before me and behind me.
With each breath I become the power of love to create a world that reflects my higher good in all my actions, words and thoughts.
For today, love illuminates my heart and opens me up to its healing grace. In grace, I surrender and fall in love where beauty flows all around me.
Let me be love.
And so it is.

This is my prayer for you today, all of this and anything better. Take a moment, close your eyes and breathe.

Let love flow. Feel its warmth. Its beauty. Its delicate warp and weave.
Let love buoy you up. Let it be the key to all that is good and healing and strengthening in your life.
Let love illuminate your heart and set you free.
As you journey through your day, let every thought begin with "I am love." Let every action be served with, "I am love". Let every word be anchored in "I am love".

For today, may you be love. May love become you.



Anonymous said...


yeah , yeah . . you lost me by the 3rd paragraph - I was gagging on the sappy sweetness . .

you should write two versions of this; the one you did is for the female audience - obviously ..

the 2nd version should be

100 words or less

or .. short, clear, pointed

or . 'I feel great when I am centered'

...a quote I like, for you:

'What would you do if you knew you could not fail?' ..can't remember the author



M.L. Gallagher said...

See Mark -- it's always true.

You win some

You lose some

For me -- I always win when what I write comes from my heart and touches someone else's heart.


Your heart needs opening so it can be touched by sappy words.



Kimberley said...

I love this posting.....you should know, that with this reading, I followed through with a healing phone call with D. It was an amazing call, as we focus on positive things that had been part of our journey, and what we have done since we parted. Very healing, and we are going to keep in touch through mail, as D is not much for computers or email.
We both agreed, it was a good phone call, and it was focused on love and healing. A good place to be.

I still think , that these reflections would make an amazing healing book to share with others :)

Kimberley said...

It was good to see you the other day, and I am so glad that I was able to get the last copy of R.K. book of trees.
I think that this action of sharing love, and working together to get his book published was wonderful, and I love the book...shows what can be accomplished when working and creating together...and sharing actions of love for one another.

Once an impossible dream, becomes reality!

M.L. Gallagher said...

Thanks Kim for letting me know these words touched your heart. And congratulations. That is awesome.

Have a safe journey!