Friday, August 14, 2009

My Auger

Life is too important to be taken seriously. Oscar Wilde

It was a day of unexpected occurrences. But then, as Ray Bradbury writes,"expect the unexpected" and you'll never be disappointed.

I wasn't. Disappointed that is.

The first call was from a woman who had read about 'my story' in a magazine article and followed my writing on "I've had a similar relationship," she said. "I want to heal. What can I do?" The other call was from a girlfriend who wanted to drop in for a visit and to drop off a painting C.C. had bought at a fundraiser.

Both visits brought light and laughter into my day.

Both visits left me feeling content, happy, fulfilled and inspired.

It is the power of connection. Of being open to the unexpected without expecting it to be any one thing, or another.

I have lots of time these days to reflect. To meditate. To simply sit and watch the birdies at the feeder. I have the luxury of time to settle into myself and refresh my energy with the healing power of solitude, interspersed with visits and chats from people who bring light and love into my world.

The painting the girlfriend dropped of is by an artist who passed away last year of cancer. Dale Auger. It is a beautiful, vibrantly hued painting of a native elder with tiny yellow birds flying from his mouth. When C.C. and I saw it at the auction table, we both fell in love with it. I had admired Dale Auger's works for years at the Stampede when he participated in the art show that is held at the Roundup centre during the 'hottest ten days on earth'. To own a giclee of one of his paintings is truly wonderful. What is even more wonderful however, is the splash of colour and light it brings into the living room.

Like laughter.

Dale's painting enlightens the room. It lifts the spirit of every thing around it, making the world seem brighter, more vibrant, more alive.

Like a smile.

Like an unexpected phone call.

Like visiting a friend.

It doesn't take much to lift the veil that often descends upon our day, keeping us locked into believing, 'Life is serious business.'

Life is what we make it. And for today, I'm lifting the veil of serious and splashing colour on my day. A dab of blue. A sprinkle of yellow. A splash of red and green and gold.

And suddenly, the day I'd expected to be dull with rain, is bright with the sunshine of laughter.

It's all in my perspective.

The question is: Are you willing to paint your day in the colours of the rainbow? Are you willing to invite the unexpected into your day?

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Anonymous said...


Congrats . . you now own an Auger.

You might want to read my piece 'I owned an Auger' .. posted at:

I am sure his widow Grace and their children will appreciate your kind words.

He was one of the most incredible people I have known - his loss so early in life is such a loss ..

and I miss him often.