Friday, September 4, 2009

Upon a solid foundation of love

A house must be built on solid foundations if it is to last. The same principle applies to man, otherwise he too will sink back into the soft ground and become swallowd up by the world of illusion. Sai Baba
CJ, C.C.s niece's husband, is a professional photographer. Yesterday, he did a photo shoot with Alexis and Liseanne.

In the backyard, standing under the birch tree, CJ clicked as the girls posed and postured. A wind blew in. Leaves rustled. Branches shook and suddenly, a loud crack splintered the air and a large branch split off from the birch tree, right above the girls' heads. With a shriek they scooted out from under the tree as the branch crashed down towards the ground.

That tree looked pretty healthy. Until the branch fell, we didn't realize that there was deadwood at the core of one branch. Yet, its foundation is still solid. Still capable of sustaining life. Its roots still spread out beneath the soil, feeding it, nurturing it, helping it to grow up towards the light. With that branch discarded, the tree is healthier than before.

In every life, in every family, there are branches that need pruning -- no matter the strength of the tree. That need cutting back or tearing off. In every life, there are segments of rot, of unhealthy stems and dying branches. It is part of the circle of life. As we grow we prune and snip and shape and cut. With each diseased portion discarded, we strengthen the root and foundation. We create a being that can last a lifetime.

In my family there are aspects of our past that do not serve our lives today. It is important to let what doesn't work go so that the foundation of our family can be strong today.

In my daughters' lives, there were things that happened in their pasts that hurt them and caused them pain. In letting go of those branches of unease, they strengthen their lives today. Because their foundation was always built on love, they have the courage to discard that which would bring them down.

Had we known that branch was rotting, we would have cut it down, rather than risk it damaging the house, or hurting someone, in its descent. Because we didn't inspect the tree for rot, we didn't know.

As Plato wrote long ago, the unexamined life is not worth living.

In not examining that tree, the potential for damage was great. We were lucky. It crashed to the ground and no one and nothing was hurt.

Our foundation remains rock solid. We continue to love and grow and flourish in a world where, what didn't work for us in the past, is released so that we can live our beautiful lives today free of the encumbrances that would tear us down. And the backyard continues to be a place of refuge for birds and squirrels and Ellie the wonder dog and other visiting creatures. The branch is missing a limb, but the trunk is strong. It will continue to offer shelter for years to come.

The question is: Are you willing to let go of what would bring you down so that you can flourish upon a solid foundation of love?

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Anonymous said...

CJ took great pictures of the girls, they are as beautiful as their spirits!! Thank you for sharing your blog!! Once again as I read along your words speak to me as if you know my own thoughts and struggles.

HUGS and beans!!