Thursday, October 15, 2009

Joy is not in things; it is in us. Richard Wagner
This morning, I awoke and felt tired. Weary. I had difficulty getting to sleep last night. My foot was pulsing and my body felt keyed up. In fact, I felt energized when I went to bed. I had Reflexology yesterday and in the process, unblocked some flow that needed freeing -- hence the energy that needed release. When I awoke, I didn't want to get out of bed. There's snow out there. As much snow in two days as we normally get in a month of winter. Go figure!

Not feeling too inspired, I sat down at my desk and began journalling on the subject of 'joy'. What is it? Where does it come from? What does it mean for me?

A poster on a forum to which I contribute had written, "I am not in a joyful place. I am in a hopeful place."

I wondered about that sentence. How do we tell where we're at? Who determines our position?

It isn't an outside force -- it has to come from within us. So, if I want to be joyful, why would I limit my experience by defining my emotion with a word less than how I want to feel?

My pondering got me writing and in my writing about 'joy' I began to feel 'joyful'. I felt energized. I felt alive.

It was a profound moment. The realization that even feeling tired is -- all in my head. Sure, my body lacks its complete seven hours of sleep. Focusing on my lack, however, only keeps me mired in feeling tired.

Focusing on my abundance, moves me out of tired into joyful.

How powerful is that?

I can lift my mood by focusing my thinking on how I want to feel.

Joy is an emotion. It is that feeling of knowing -- I am alive. I am free. I am me!

There is no one else I want to be. No where else I want to be than right here, right now within me.

I can't change the weather outside. I can change the weather within me.

Today, I choose joy!

To keep myself joyful, I focus my thinking on being joyful. I imagine my spine is a flower stalk growing up towards the sun. Atop it, where my head is, a beautiful, happy daisy greets the morning light. Fresh faced. Glowing with happiness, revelling in the light of day shining upon me, I grow taller. I sit straighter. I breathe deeply.

This is joy. Right now in this moment. Right here.

I tuck my feelings of joy inside my heart and set out to greet my day. It is a beautiful day to be alive. It is a beautiful day under the sun.

How I greet my day. What I carry into it is my choice. It always is.

No matter how cloudy the skies, behind every grey cloud, the sun still shines.

Behind every heavy heart, joy awaits.

Today, I choose joy.

The question is: What about you? What are you going to carry into your day? A tired and weary heart or a joyful spirit revelling in the gift of this day where you are Alive!? The choice is yours. what will you choose?


S L M Moss said...

What a joyful thought. :) Today I chose fearlessness. :) I've started a new venture and the old fear of I can't do a good job at this is already arising. I choose to beat it back because I can do this, I will do this and not allow my fear to create itself. To go forth in joy!!


CZBZ said...

Today, I happily chose to vacuum.

It's all about attitude.

When I do those ordinary tasks from the perspective of the downtrodden, sick-of-cleaning mama, or the martyr who has to do everything herself because other people are selfish clods, then I RUIN my own joy of having a clean house and CARING about having a clean house.

What's interesting, Louise is that our attitude makes all the difference in finding satisfaction in the least of things. Maybe at first, we have to FORCE the positive attitude but if we'll keep doing that, pretty soon, it's normal to look forward to cleaning house.

Why the other day, I actually smiled at the dust because it felt so GOOD to get rid of it. I said, "Hello, little dust. Welcome!"

I wouldn't tell this story to just anyone, though. hahaha!!!


M.L. Gallagher said...

Great attitude Sarah!

And CZ -- welcome little dust? Tee hee -- I'm into Hello Big dust -- stay awhile. You fit in well!

Yesterday I went out to clean up the dog doodoo in the back yard. Now, I do not deny, there was the odd utterance of, "The girls were supposed to do this.... Don't they know Ellie needs a clean yard...."

Mostly though, I stayed in gratitude for having such a wonderful dog as Ellie -- and appreciation for the fact, cleaning up dog poop definitely keeps me humble!

It rained last night -- and I am so glad this morning I did it yesterday!

Hugs to you too!