Thursday, November 12, 2009

My highest expression

More men fail through lack of purpose than through lack of talent. Billy Sunday
I am taking my professional coaches certification. It's an online certification program -- and I am loving online learning!

One of the exercises is to create a Vision Statement for your client. As we are all trainees on the call, each trainee takes a turn being 'the client', while another interviews them and then writes a Vision Statement for them. And then we switch -- but work with a different trainee as the coach/client.

The Vision Statement is a powerful statement of what you've revealed during the interview as your dreams and hopes and goals in all areas of your life; spiritual, relationships, emotional, financial, career, physical. Of what you've described as your ideal life and the goals you want to achieve over the next year. It is written as if you are already living it, already experiencing your dream life come true.

Last night, the coach trainee I'd worked with the night before read my Vision Statement to me. She invited me to relax, to sink down into that place within me where I feel safe, secure, open.

I sank. She read. I awoke to my life as 'a brand new and spacious place filled with surprise and hidden bursts of light coming from unexpected places."

I felt incredibly blessed. Honoured. Respected. Heard.

We had spent an hour and a half the night before, the coach trainee interviewing me. Me digging deep to provide her insight into my dreams.

She nailed it.

Heard me and fed me back, and thus my subconscious, the words and ideas, thoughts and images, goals and dreams I had shared the night before.

Listening to her voice read my Vision Statement to me, I felt like I was immersed in a river of love and beauty. Buoyed up by the warm gentle waters carrying me along, I drifted into that place where I am free to live my greatest expression of me.

And the fun didn't stop there!

I then got to read to the trainee I'd worked with the Vision Statement I'd created for him. What an amazingly rewarding experience!

For half an hour, I got to repeat back to him his powerful words of the change he wants to be in the world. Of his drive to live his life creating value everywhere he goes.

As I read, I imagined my words were a beautiful spring rain shower pouring down upon him. They entered his mind, sank into his heart and settled upon the soils of his verdant subconscious creating a lush and sustaining garden of beauty and love. I imagined him being his Vision Statement. Saw him taking the steps he'd described to reach his goals, to soar into his highest expression of himself.

The objective of the Vision Statement exercise is to embed what a person's Vision Statement in their subconscious as their personal truth. In his book, Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, MD., wrote,

"Change occurs not by intellect, and not by intelligence; change is brought about by experience. Remember, experiencing is the same to the subconscious mind as imagining. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and unreal. It accepts what you feed it."

Last night, I sank with grace and ease into the truth within me. I opened my heart and mind to the wonder of being alive, of living this one wild and precious life in love with all I am, all I can be when I let go of the shores of my comfort zone and swim out into the limitless possibilities of life beyond the realm of my wildest dreams. Of life lived large. Lived completely in love with all I am, all I can be when I align myself with my purpose and focus on creating a ripple effect of love with every stroke I take in the sea of possibility that is my life filled with beauty and wonder.

The question is: What's your purpose? Are you willing to open yourself up to the wonder of your dreams by embracing your vision of living your highest expression as your truth?


Joyce Wycoff said...

Oh, Louise ... can I just borrow your vision statement? It is so beautiful and this is such a powerful post. You are going to be ... probably already are ... a great coach!

M.L. Gallagher said...

Lol JOyce! Of course you can. But, I should tell you, that statement is only one of two pages of my life as I envision it -- that's what makes it so powerful. Anytime you want to create one of your own, let me know!



Maureen said...

When my husband and I participated in an IMAGO weekend, we and the other couples were asked to take some time to create a Vision Statement. I cherish what we created together. When we get in a tough spot (and who doesn't?), we can read it together and get back on track. Its power is amazing.

S L M Moss said...

A 2page vision statement sounds powerful. To have written down why your dreams and goals are important and valuable, why I am valuable, would be empowering and liberating. If you have the time, I would love to do one....

M.L. Gallagher said...

Sarah! That wouyld be awesome. I have to do a few 'guinea' pig sessions -- if you're willing to do it with me. Awesome. I'm coaching next week -- it takes an hour session to organize and then another hour session to go through. How about after Choices?

Thank you!


Anonymous said...


I'm going to run this on 360boom for Mon Nov .16, OK?

M.L. Gallagher said...

Awesome! Thanks.