Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dance and awaken

The human experience is meant to be an emotional one, so the extent to which we deny our feelings is the extent to which we deny our purpose for being here. Colin Tipping - Radical Forgiveness
A different blog today. One inspired by my friend Maureen over at Writing without Paper. A different kind of blog. Words streaming into thought. Thoughts dancing into light.

I felt challenged today. Challenged to pick up my 'pen' and write of forgiveness in images bursting from my mind. Long ago, I thought in poetry. Long ago, I wrote, never in rhyme, rhyme is too predictable, too constructed for me. I wrote in poetic prose. Images skittering onto the page, in a hurry to reach their destination, tripping over each other to form an idea, an image, a poignant light shimmering upon the page.

Those binders and journals I had that held my poetry were lost long ago when 'he whose name is not spoken' went to jail. I've been doing a bit more thinking on him these days. Sometime ago I had been asked if I was willing to have the story told in a documentary.
The production is in process. Details are being unearthed, checked out, lined up. I have been blessed with the support of friends and family who have willingly gone back to those times to talk of what went wrong, what happened, what transpired to take me so far from the light. It has been a gift to be able to see clearly that time and space when light became dark and fear shrouded my world in darkness.

In March, a film crew will be here to document the journey. I believe that as long as the story controls me, it is using me. To use the story to create awareness, to shine light in the world is to wrest the power from the dark. To illuminate someone else's path out of the darkness is to own the story and set myself free. Giving is receiving.

As I read Trouble In Paradise, Maureen's poem today, I felt compelled to think in verse. This poem comes from that place where I am free to see the light and dance.
Dance and Awaken

to forgive
hearts bleeding
upon the sunset
blistering heat
purple rose
the horizon
far off
far away
a dream
of happily ever-after
never to rise
a new day
breaks in darkness
never to be

to accept
dawn's awakening
the moon's farewell
to darkness
sinking back
deep into the envelope
of night
a kiss sealed
upon the flap
of secret’s laid bare
upon love’s pillow
sinking back
into the night
of dreams
threadbare and worn
never to be

to dance
joy cascading
the light
of a new day
streaking across
the horizon
rooting out
the darkness
of secrets sealed
into the inky black depths
of memories caprice
long ago
darkness flees
light breaks
breaking light
a new day

awaken daylight
break open
the dark
a giant cosmic egg
spilling out
free the night
surrender freely
to the dark
all fear
of rising
dance and

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Maureen said...

"surrender freely/ to the dark/ all fear/ of rising/"

Those words recall to me the image of a phoenix: out of the fire, rising, soaring, more beautiful than ever.

Do you know the book "We Used To Be Wives". If you don't try to find a copy. I wish a new edition would be announced. Your poem would be perfect.