Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random musings and questions

If we do not succeed, we run the risk of failure. Former Vice-President Dan Quayle
Morning. Quiet. The house still. Marley, the Great Cat, has taken to lying on C.C.s stomach and purring loudly during the night. I mean, loud. He doesn't meow. Just purr. Did I mention loud?

I'm considering a muzzle but not sure that will stop his purring. It might give him something else to focus on though and with his new focus, he might decide to go sleep somewhere else. Without Liseanne at home, he's a bit lost -- he liked sleeping with her most. And I liked it that way most too!

Needless to say, C.C. sleeps through the purring. I don't.

Which is why I am up at this uber early hour, catching up on some reading, writing and meditating into dawn rising on a brand new day.

So, here's a question. Is 'dawn rising' a redundancy? The word 'dawn' implies morning awakening so, if I write, 'dawn rising' am I being redundant? For that matter, if it's dawn, do I need to say, 'new day'? Dawn denotes new day just by its very meaning.

Samuel Goldwyn once said, "I never make predictions, especially about the future."

What else would you make a prediction about?

Not the past, that's for sure. The past is dead and gone. Packed up its bags and high-tailed it to the desert, or the Rockies or maybe even the distant future so far off we can't see that 'what was' is becoming 'what is' all over again as we circle around and around what we're doing, or not doing, to change the world for the better.

Okay. So I'm tired. It is not a morning of profundity. It is a morning of musing about life and loving and letting go.

Here's another question. When I let go of control, it's a good thing. When I am out of control, it's not.

What's with that? If I'm out of control, I have no control left, right? So why's it a bad thing?

And, just to make it more interesting, here's a great photo I found online.

That's one determined cat -- so, question is...

Is he letting go or holding on? Holding on to what he wants, which is not to be in the bath, or letting go of what frightens him, being in the bath? I figure it would actually be pretty easy for that cat to let go. It's the holding on that's taking all the work.

My friend Joyce asks a really good question over on her blog, Peaceful Legacies. She's also got a really great video of polygraph expert, Cleve Backster's attempts to answer the question, "Can plants sense other beings 'thoughts'?" It's rather fascinating and well worth the visit over to Joyce's place.

Over at Writing without Paper, Maureen shares some great finds on this amazing place called the Internet. The question is, where do I find all the time in the world I need to dig through all there is to find on the Internet? So many sites. So little time.

And now, I must go and get ready to leave. We're off to Vancouver to visit Alexis for a few days -- and to haul out all the paraphenalia she left behind when she uprooted and headed off, heeding that sage advice, Go west young woman! We'll be gone until Thursday. I will be blogging -- sporadically, but I do plan on keeping my online life in line! It keeps my thinking in line which keeps me inline and balanced.

I'm so excited to see my lovely girl! We've got lunches planned. A play and shopping. We'll explore one of my favourite cities and spend time in lush green vegetation all around. Alexis had to phone me yesterday to tell me that, on her way to work she passed by a garden where the buds are starting to appear.


Here at the foot of the Rockies, snow still covers the ground and the world is an etch-a-sketch picture of black and white. It will be late April into May before the first crocus appear.


I'm looking forward to green and ocean and mountains and beauty by the sea. The Olympic celebrations are kicking off and the city is abuzz with excitement.

Can't wait!




Anonymous said...

fun picture.
i sent it off to my daughter...who will really like it.

have fun in vancouver, i have never been up there. i hope you see a crocus or two.

yes, that city is going to have the olympic buzzzzzzz. goin-on.

purrrrr :-)

Maureen said...

Blessings for you to carry with you and back.


(P.S. Thank you for the call out.)

Anonymous said...


Dawn breaks

Sun rises

it just dawned on me . .


M.L. Gallagher said...

Puuuurrrr -- haha

Arrived safe and sound, the car filled to the brim with the things (at least some of them) that Alexis left behind.

Beautiful ocean. Salt water air. Green and more green -- oh and some olympic buzz too!