Friday, January 15, 2010

A symphony of sound scapes for your day

Great art grabs you against your will, and then suspends your will. Ken Wilber
I got excited last night by great art in the making. I was at a rehearsal for a play that will be performed Saturday night. "Two Bit Oper eh? Shun" is an oratoria created by Marcel Bergmann and Onalea Gilbertson. I wrote about Onalea as one of my 12 Days of Christmas at the Shelter, She Lights Up Our Lives. She's an amazing woman. Talented. Creative. Compassionate and, she sings like an angel.

For the past several months, Onalea and her cast have been coming into the shelter to rehearse in the multi-purpose room on the sixth floor. Along with several clients who are taking part, they've sung and built found object instruments and written poems and songs and stretched their creative muscles to encompass their past in a musical piece that touches hearts and opens minds to the sorrow and the possibilities on the street.

Last night, sitting listening and watching the rehearsal, I was struck by the possibilities of the human spirit to stretch and shift and slide into another space and awareness that can only be opened up through art -- and in this case -- sound art.

So, that led me to thinking how powerful sound is as a healing force. Which lead me to go researching information on sound and healing (quite fascinating) which eventually lead me to ask the question of my favourite online assistant, Google, What color is my aura?

And I came across this cool quiz.

Click the here and take the test to find out what colour your aura is. It's fun and easy and interesting!

In my delving into Googleland, I also came across a whole series of sites related to Sound and healing. One of the most fascinating ones is a site I know I will visit again and again. The Temple of Sacred Sound is an interactive website. I entered one of the Toning Chambers and spent a magical ten minutes meditating on OM as beautiful visuals of lotus blossoms and stars and spirals floated across my monitor. It was transcendental -- and left me feeling peaceful and calm and full of gratitude.

And, because I spent way more time visiting sites this morning, I'm late! So, this post is inspired by my friend Maureen's, All Art Friday, blog. A compendium of interesting tidbits picked up along the journey of living life in the exclamation zone of... WoW! And, if you've never visited or read Ken Wilber's work, visit his site here, or visit the Integal Institute here. -- and give yourself lots of time. I always become immersed in wonder for hours when I visit.

And so, I leave you with this peace-inducing video which I hope creates a state of being in Love within your heart that you will carry with you throughout your day. Nameste.


Maureen said...

Lots of great stuff on your morning post, Louise. I could use The Temple of Sacred Sound right now (have you added it to the resources list for our S&P e-course?) I'm going to send the link to my son, too, because he studies healing arts.


P.S. Thank you for the call-out. I am always so touched when I see my name on another's blog.

Maureen said...

Ken's site is really something!

M.L. Gallagher said...

HI Maureen -- I wasn't able to hyperlink my call out! I'll do it this evening. I always prefer when I hyper link it so people can go directly to you!


And I'm so glad you enjoyed the links -- and yes, Ken's site is quite fascinating. I love his work in integral arts.

Joyce Wycoff said...

Louise ... what fun to find out I have a violet aura ... I wish I could see it myself ... maybe if I spent more time in the Toning Chamber ... which was truly magical. You and Maureen are like a magic carpet ride through the Internet. I always wanted my own genie ... now I have three!

M.L. Gallagher said...

Too funny Joyce! A genie in the cyberspace.