Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joy and inspiration

This is a Choices weekend so I am coaching -- which means, posts will be brief -- lol -- unlike yesterday's post which was rather long!

Today, on my blog sister Joy-ce's place, Peaceful Legacies I saw her first 'video'. It is her artist's intention and it's brilliant. While, as she notes it lacks music and transitions, it is her first -- and nothing begins without the first.

I wanted to share it with you as it is pretty inspirational and because the steps she's laid out to create your artist's statement are clear, concise and easy to follow.

Artist's statements are important -- whatever your medium be it this life we life in the here and now, or the canvas we paint on or the page we write upon, the song we sing or the character we portray in a play -- artist's statements are individual, unique and speak to the soul of our lives. As Mikhail Ally, a young artist in Georgia responds to the question, "Why do I paint", i love the process of reflecting my mind through a conversation with physical material. im blowing my brain up and allowing it to play.

So, how cool is that. In Mikhail's blowing up his brain and allowing it to play, I 'see' the image and his message in his statement and how they relate to his paintings. I hear and react viscerally to his words. They evoke emotion in me and who am I without my emotions?

I am so grateful for this cyberspace where I can encounter people in the virtual world I'd never have the chance to meet in this world. A place where I am continually inspired to stretch and learn and grow and adapt and move outside my comfort zone to embrace new ideas and ways of being. To think beyond boxes and bowls and other metaphors. To see beyond the single perspective of my world here in front of my computer.

What an incredible place this is where I can uncover treasures with every click of the page and keystroke!

Artist Statement: Joyce Wycoff


Maureen said...

Joyce's video IS wonderful and reflects the deeply thoughtful and creative person we have come to know since meeting her via our blogs.

And thank you for the peek at Mikhail Ally.

Have a great Choices weekend.

M.L. Gallagher said...

So, while I'm posting to you, you're posting to me!

Hope sun shines on your day, melts the snow and warms up the air!



Joyce Wycoff said...

Louise ... thank you so much for passing along my video ... and hope you have a joyful coaching weekend!

Joyce Wycoff said...

Louise ... thank you so much for passing along my video ... and hope you have a joyful coaching weekend!