Monday, June 21, 2010

All is well.

Let us never waste a wish. Let us lie, skin to
skin, beneath the jeweled stars, mouths open,
to swallow their falling magic. . . Karla K. Morton

Deeper than words, wider than thought, my spirit light shines brightest when I know gratitude, embrace love, dwell in compassion.

My spirit is the essence of me. That pure space that shimmers like clarified water, the perception of imperfection evaporating with every breath. That sacred space where I am one with what is, at one with all that is, breathing deeply into the moment that is without ego or need or want or desire fearfully pulling me away from what is.

It is my desire to create something that isn't out of what is that creates unhappiness in my life. It is my need to create it my way, to see you as not you but as how I want you to be and finding you wanting, that creates discord.

The circumstances of my life, whether it is the slow driver in front of me, or the lack of response from a co-worker, or the loud response of someone I love, do not cause my distress. It is my response to the slow driver, my reaction to my co-worker, my judgements of the one I love that create my unhappiness.

When I release myself from judgement to sink into gratitude I open my heart to wild-eyed wonder infusing my being with loving compassion. In awe, I let go of pushing back against the way things are as I surrender and fall into Love with the way things are -- beautiful, complete, absolutely astonishing in all their messy, mixed up, messed up being.

I live with a man who is searching for his path to self-love and acceptance.

Your path does not please me I tell him as I slide into judgement. Your path hurts me. Causes me pain.

And he pushes back. Reeling against my judgement, he loses ground, falling away from where he was going to find himself once again in that place where turmoil clouds his thinking.

The way things are is the way they are. No meaning. No aught to be's. Just the way they are.

In my resistance, I create my unhappiness as I let go of compassion and lean into ego.

It was a good weekend for me. A weekend filled with grace. With compassion. With learning and growing. With Love.

I found myself again on the other side of the door sealing my heart. I found myself and slipped out of that place where I hold on tightly to the case I build to justify my discord.

I choose my path.

I choose my state of being.

Regardless of what is happening in the world around me, it is my judgements that rub against my peace of mind, causing my heart to ache in wanting for the way I believe things aught to be because that's the way I tell myself they need to be for me to be happy.

I breathe and let go of judgement as I ease myself gratefully into the waters of life flowing all around me.

There is no turmoil when I let the water flow without resistance. The tide ebbs in. The tide ebbs out. And I am at one with the tide washing over and through and in and around and under and above and below and beyond me.

All is well with my soul. All is at One in my world. I am and this is all I need to be.

Thank you Maureen at Writing without Paper for the introduction to Karla K. Morton and her stunning poetry.


katdish said...

"It is my desire to create something that isn't out of what is that creates unhappiness in my life. It is my need to create it my way, to see you as not you but as how I want you to be and finding you wanting, that creates discord."

That spoke loud and clear to me. I like to see people as who they could be, not necessarily as they are. Which can be encouraging or hurtful for both parties. It's about acceptance of the present circumstances with hope for the future. Glad you had a grace filled weekend.

Maureen said...

I'm so pleased you enjoyed Morton's poetry. In doing the Monday Muse Poet Laureate series, I've discovered poets I never knew existed. So many are so fine. It's been wonderful for me, and I think for others who take the time to read the introductions.

Hugs for you today.

S. Etole said...

I just finished listening to the video at Maureen's altho I had read the post earlier. What a gifted woman {and women} you all are.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how far i can go to give someone their own space until space is all there is. poof!

M.L. Gallagher said...

Good question nAncY -- but then, remember one of Newston's laws -- the universe hates a vacuum -- was that Newton? -- we'll fill space in whatever way we can when we fear the emptiness we perceive the space to be filled with.... :)


Joyce Wycoff said...

"Let us never waste a wish." ... oooh how I love that.