Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Saturday rant.

I'm late. I have an excuse! Honest.

Actually, I have several.

My excuse building began at 3am. Next door is a house where we have not yet been able to determine how many people live in it. I do know some of the occupants are musicians because, in the past, they have tended to play loud and raucous rock music, in particular, drums, throughout the day. As one of the tenants told me after I knocked on the door and suggested they might want to invest in sound-proofing, "We are conscious of not playing after 10pm."

Hmmmm..... true. But, I should be able to sit in my office and not feel the walls shake because of the sound of drumming emanating from their abode.

It took a call to Bylaw to finally get them to do something about the noise.

And then, this morning at 3am I awoke to the sound of laughter and loud voices chattering up a storm on their deck. It's not that we're wall to wall. We have a large lot, it's just that at 3am noise travels and their deck is raised and noise rises and even with the bedroom window closed -- which I was forced to do, the noise was as if they were sitting right outside my window.

I lost it at one point. Stormed out the back door, into the yard and yelled across the fence into the night. "Excuse me. You need to be quiet."

They were quiet. For awhile. Until 5:30 am when I awoke again to their voices laughing and chattering. Who could have known that Margaretta's taste better in the middle of the night?

I shifted to the living room sofa. It helped. A bit. But I was still ticked.

So ticked I was tempted to get the lawn mower out at 8am and mow the grass right along the fence line...

but I didn't.

I chose instead to breathe.

I had an online course to listen to this morning and I didn't want to pollute my mind with angry thoughts of how I could get back at 'the neighbours' by disturbing their sleep. They finally called it quits at 7am!

Not to say I haven't had my share of backyard parties over the years. But I don't believe I've ever kept them going all night long!


So, this blog is late because at 7 I finally moved back to bed and decided to catch a few more winks before getting up to listen in on my course.

And I'm glad I did because "Feminine Power" is awesome!

And wouldn't you know it. Feminine Power is about creating harmony and peace and all things 'unseen' in our world.

Which means...

letting go of anger.

But I'll have to think up some way to create opportunity for my neighbours to become more aware of their responsibility to create harmony in our neighbourhood.

I'm thinking maybe hammering at 7am might work.


Oh no. that's a little too tit for tat. And anyway, there are no bedroom windows on this side of their house! (see I've checked it out).

Maybe I'll just let Ellie out early and encourage her to bark herself silly at the crack of dawn....

Or, maybe I'll buy a Harley and rev it up in the drive early in the morning, every morning...

Or, maybe I'll take a breath. And a nap. and just accept, to create harmony I need to find harmonious options.

Oh, and pray, it was a one time aberration. I'm sure they won't do it again! Right?

here's hoping.


Anonymous said...

an alternative solution, for the next time they party - call everyone you know to come over and help you crash their party .... in a nieghbourly way by saying 'since, you've decided I'll be up all night, I might as well bring all my friends to your party .... and we'll leave when we've eaten you out of house and drunk your booze, without regard to when you might want to sleep or have quiet, just like you do'..

or, you could let the air out of their tires

these things are brain candy to think about and even better to do

have a great day,


M.L. Gallagher said...

haha! Love the brain candy!

Hope your weekend is fun filled too! And includes sleep.

Anonymous said...

good rant :-)

blogs are good for that.

S. Etole said...

I'm so glad I live in the country!!!