Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ego Bursts (a poem)

Ego Bursts
Louise Gallagher

Painful bursts
of angry self-righteous
lobbed with the ferocity
of a terrorist’s grenade
I crouch
behind insurmountable walls
of cool smooth alabaster
etched with prophetic words
under the skin
of my insistence
I must protect
my right
to be wrong
at all costs.

No footholds
too hard to climb
my ego clings
to its position
where I remain
locked tight
behind my assertions
I am ok.

Erratic folly
of my ego
screaming outbursts
like a volcano
from the epicenter
of my painful assertions
I must protect
my heart
from feeling
beyond the boundaries
of my knowing
who I am
when I am not
with who you are.

I am not ok
when who I am
is locked
behind my ego
in foolish self-righteous
from being
who I am
when I am ok
with who you are.

Blowing up
the walls
that would constrict
my heart
and I fall
into that place
where I am
in the arms
of Love
embracing me
in my being
with who you are
and who I am
we may be.

Today is Blog Carnival Tuesday. The one word prompt day where I breathe into a word and write it out. Today's prompt is: Ego.

Blog Carnival is sponsored by Bridget Chumbley at One Word at a Time and Peter Pollock of Rediscovering the Church. It's a biweekly online event open to anyone. Participants write on a one-word prompt or topic. This week's one word is "ego".

At Bridget's place you'll find a list of links to all of the contributions, which are posted throughout Tuesday and often through to the end of the week.


Maureen said...

Some powerful declarations.

S. Etole said...

Feeling the force behind that ...

Glynn said...

I feel like I'm sitting next to a volcano. Good picture of ego.

Anonymous said...


from over here

I wonder - of this marvelous poem - who was writing it, what the writer was seeing, from what perspective, based on what experience, based on what desires, based on what vantage point

clearly, the writer feels strongly

clearly, the writer struggles

but it seems, the writer shifts gears at the end - perhaps to shorten the piece, but more likely to stop before revealing the true roots of this poetic tree

that's the view from over here

pretty girl . . . wandering a bit, looking so hard for something to hold onto - she sees, but questions her vision

this I see

from over here


M.L. Gallagher said...

Great view Mark -- and thank you everyone for your responses.

From this view -- it comes from a place of knowing my ego got the best of me and brought out the worst of me over the past couple of days...

and I'm perfectly ok with how I acted when I accept -- I am an evolutionary being and when I surrender and fall in love -- all is well with my world, regardless of where my ego lies. :)



n. davis rosback said...

self and other is a very delicate friendship

Billy Coffey said...

I love your poetry, Louise.

Bridget Chumbley said...

Very nice, Louise. I really enjoyed this poem.

Sandra Heska King said...

Been there. Powerful.