Friday, July 30, 2010

Stand by the DI -- our new commercials!

Some time ago I wrote about Jesse James Cameron, a band member of Makeshift Innocence (Spreading Stories), and a young Calgary musician who helped out in the recording of Stand by Me we created at the homeless shelter where I work. In my last posting, I mentioned we were creating a new series of ads for television.

They're done!

I wanted to share them with you -- I'm really happy with the way they've turned out.

There are eight ads -- 5 x 30 sec spots and 3 x 60 sec spots. I've also placed the entire recording of Stand by Me at the end just in case you want a dose of inspiration today :) !

If you'd like to post a comment on the order of your favourites I'd really appreciate it. We're currently running the ads and it would be great to have some feedback on the most powerful ones to help with our frequency.

Thanks everyone.

Have a blessed and wonder filled Friday.


S. Etole said...

I liked the first one where the importance of being listened to is brought out and the one with Donnell. They are all very well done, though.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Thanks Susan -- Donnell was the young woman who worked for me for three years and has now gone back to University! she's amazing.

Maureen said...

I agree with Susan about the first one and the one with Donnell. I also think it was good that in the Jesse 1 the speaker was able to relate well because he himself had been on the street. One doesn't necessarily have to have experienced homelessness to find space for understanding but it certainly gives a validity to a speaker who has been there and made it out.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Louise. I agree, the first one about being listening to is spot on. Jessie James is very well spoken as well as Norm Sanders, getting the message across people just need a lending hand to get back on their feet, as for most, it is a temporary situation. Love how the Stand by Me video is brought in to them all... brilliant theme.
Love you,
PS 3 more sleeps!