Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tip Your Hat!

I have an early morning start to my day today. This is My City is hosting a live auction of cowboy hats that have been created by artists-in-residence at the homeless shelter where I work as well as at other shelters around the city, and cowboy hats created by artist mentors from the community. The event is called, Tip Your hat and it's all in support of This is My City Society which we recently formed to create opportunities for homeless and marginalized Calgarians to express themselves through the arts.

It promises to be a fun and exciting morning. I'm the MC and will be working with a professional auctioneer to keep the live portion of the auction moving smoothly. We've got 12 hats to be auctioned off live, and another 45 in the silent auction.

To get an idea of what it's all about -- this is Cowtown and Stampede starts tomorrow! -- click here for the This is My City blog. If you click here, you'll go directly to the photographs of the hats to be auctioned off tomorrow.

Must run. Have to meet up with the team at 6am to have everything set up and ready to roll when the First Flip Pancake Breakfast begins at 7:30.



Anonymous said...

Wow, there sure are some dandies, eh? Yours is so elegant and beautiful... just like you!
love ya, BA

Anonymous said...

lots of fun and wild hats.
especially yours!

Maureen said...

So much fun! Hope the hats bring in a lot of $$.