Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The View From My Place

Yesterday I posted on my work-a-day space. Today, a view of my morning writing space -- evening too. Well, mostly my writing space when at home, though sometimes, I move my laptop to the bedroom and sit on my bed and watch the birds outside in the backyard through the matching bay window from the office where my desk sits. In my office, the bay window looks out over the front yard and the street. Grass, trees, roadway, hedge to the left side. A carport with C.C.s white 1968 Karmen Ghia and 1975 Mercedes, buttercup yellow, lined up in my direct line of sight.

In place
tulip bulb lamp
delicate, transparent
'what is that' my daughter asked
when I brought it home.
Art deco, I replied.
It looks...
and she paused, searching
suggestive, she said.
She can be kind
when she wants to
I see it. Again. Through my eyes.
Sensual. Sexual.
two metal pipes
delicate like prairie grass
arching upwards
dipping over
heavy, white bulbs
pregnant with light
hanging, open
tinged with pink
like a woman's body
opening up
to receive
to give
to become.
I become me
in its soft glow
a mug,
shaped like a tiger's head
painted yellow and black
filled with pens
paper opener with giraffe's head
scissors, frothy Santa Claus pen
it jingles
so childish
so silly
a purple candle in purple glass
stained glass metal dragonfly
to its side
held in place
by two metal claws that dip
over the glass edge
into wax
Hand lotion
white sage
pink alabaster heart
a cast iron mini bird bath
complete with bird
tail feathers up
it's water dish filled
with angel cards
to greet the day
today's angel
she kneels
and feeds a white unicorn
I trust
this process
to turn up
with me
to blossom
African violets
delicate purple flowers
beside a
vase of peonies
set in jelly
real to look
not so real to touch
they last
like words
in a notebook
my latest jottings
scribbled across the page
"Purpose of power is to cause the
flourishing of life"
above me
a string of gardenia lights
three silver birds
in flight
like my desk
ready to take flight
my laptop
a telephone
I immerse myself
in this space
and let thoughts flow
where ever
they desire
to go
to be
to become
like me
not wanting
wanting comes from Latin
desire is
'awaiting what the stars
shall bring'
this place
brings me
This place
my place
to be.


A Simple Country Girl said...

Good to meet you...

How this string of words runs one image and thought into the next without stopping--sorta like our insides and thoughts and hearts. It's beautiful.


Maureen said...

Learning of this place from which your words flow
we come to know also what makes those words
both sing and cry - with love lost and found, given
and received - full out loud and sotto voce soft.

L.L. Barkat said...

So many wonderful visions here and aches and dreams.

I loved the difference between want and desire. Awaiting... yes, that.

Kathleen Overby said...

Toned and muscled sensuousness, girl. You workin' out? :)

Anonymous said...

just sayin hello.

i'm tired and wayyyy behind in reading posts.

Sandra Heska King said...

You birth such beautiful words.