Friday, August 27, 2010

Mastery of me

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. Lao-Tzu
Earlier this week I had dinner with a friend who, after 10 years of loyal and excellent service to a company, was let go.

Why did they say they were letting you go? I asked.

"They didn't," my friend replied. "But I think it's ageism. I am the only one of the 'old' sales team that wasn't let go since the new management took over. I don't fit their model any longer."

And what's that model? I asked.

Young. Energetic. Not very experienced so willing to do it 'their way'. If you're male, you're agressive. If you're female, your perky and sweet. And none of those is me.

My friend is devastated. Wounded. Hurt.

I can remember countless conversations with this friend where we talked about the lack of respect they received from management. There were many times when myself and another friend encouraged them to leave -- there are so many companies out there who would be appreciate you more -- we said.

At dinner, I told my friend about the Feminine Power course I had taken and the insight I'd gained.

One of the exercises I told them about was the guided meditation of moving forward in time to 'meet' your elder self.

I met myself at 87, I told my friend and she was amazing. Vibrant. Full of life and energy. She told me, 'the adventure is just beginning. There is so much excitement and opportunity ahead. Your life is just beginning to open up. Beauty is everywhere. Life is extraordinary. Life you. I am evidence of the greatest possibility of your life.'

My friend laughed. "Yeah, well that was all in your head."

Absolutely, I replied. But everything I think is all 'in my head'. So, I figure I can have doom and gloom and an 87 year old me in my future who tells me, 'Oh baby. Life's the pits. You are so not going to like what the future has to bring.' Or, I can have the future me be who I want to be -- and I want to be living it large at 87. Because, whatever I'm telling myself in my head today, will translate itself into reality through my living it out tomorrow.

My thinking is based on my beliefs and my beliefs create my experiences.

I want my thinking to lead me in the direction of my dreams. I want my thinking to lift me up. To carry me beyond the limits of my comfort zone out into that place where possibilities shimmer like rainbows of opportunity. That place where I am living it up large in the wonder of being all that I am meant to be.

In the Feminine Power course there is a regular 'grounding exercise' (meditation based) where you turn lovingly into yourself and ask your 'inner child' a question:

"What do you need sweetheart?"

I need you to let go, my little girl replied. I need you to let go of holding onto me as your excuse for not doing it, for not being all of it, for not giving life your very best.

Oh, I replied. You mean I gotta fly solo?

No, I mean you need to quit believing being a 'good girl' is more important than being your best. I want to play and laugh and dance in the rain and you keep telling me, good girls finish last. Cut the good girl schtick. I know you're hungry for a juicy, rich, passionate life filled with connection and cocreative magic. I am too. So quit being nice. Get being real.

I hate it when my inner child is more mature and aware than me!

In her awareness (which is mine) I 'know'. I know what I need to do. I know who I am and what I want. I know I have the power to achieve my dreams.

But... in my denial of my awareness is that place where I would believe -- I can't have it all. I am too old, too stuck in my ways, my path too cast in concrete to be able to change direction. There is that place in me that would believe -- this is as good as it gets.

No way!

Life's good. But better is always possible!

Today, I chose to live anchored into a deeper consciousness of my co-creative power centre. That place where my inner child bonds with my 87 year old me in celebration of all we can co-create. That place where I am free of limiting beliefs, free to believe the only limits to my possibilities are the obstacles I create in my head -- and my head is too filled with the magical wonder of my possibilities to worry about pitfalls and leaps into the void. My head knows it's just a creative space I fill -- with whatever I'm thinking.

Coming home to my source
I find myself
deeply connected
to my experience
of life's desire
to express itself
through me.

May I be masterful today in my mastery of me.

May you be filled with the wonder and joy of your life unfolding, just the way you designed it!

And along the way, may we all stop to smell the wildflowers and revel in the beauty of the world around us.


Maureen said...

Have a great weekend!

Joyceann Wycoff said...

Louise ... thanks for this ... your meditation on your elder self and your conversation with your inner child reminds me of a poem I wrote years ago. It confused me at the time. I'll post in on my blog.

Bobbie said...

Coming home to my source
I find myself
deeply connected
to my experience
of life's desire
to express itself
through me.

...I love that :)

I hope all is fine with you. It's been forever and I have a ton or reading to catch up on.

Many blessings to you, Louise.