Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beauty and grace in motion

It is a rainy morning here on the eastern foot of the Rockies. Rainy and soothing. Soft light. Soft air. Soft touch.

To honour the magic of this morning I share with you something magical I found at

In the Ted notes, it says, Two Pilobolus dancers perform "Symbiosis." Does it trace the birth of a relationship? Or the co-evolution of symbiotic species? Music: "God Music," George Crumb; "Fratres," Arvo Part; "Morango…Almost a Tango," Thomas Oboe Lee.

I don't know what Symbiosis 'traces' -- there is such beauty in the dance it traces 'life'. What it does is show the incredible talent, grace and trust of two dancers whose names are never revealed in the programming.

Their dance is beautiful and haunting and inspiring to watch.

For more on Philobolus Dance, click here.

Have a beautiful Labour Day Weekend Sunday.



n. davis rosback said...

have a good weekend!

Sandra Heska King said...

I kept thinking of Adam and Eve. She must weight all of 80 pounds.