Sunday, September 12, 2010

Open to wonder

I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief. Gerry Spence

Sunday morning. Lazy day. Cloudy skies. Autumn falls lightly all around. Beneath the apple tree in the backyard, sparrows and chickadees flitter. Darting in and out to the feeder. They hop in the grass pecking for fallen seed.

In the house, my beloveds sleep as I type in the quiet of the morning on my computer, Yo Yo Ma a melodic counter note infusing my morning with wonder.

This is the world as it should be. The world after 9/11, after tsunamis and earthquakes and wars and pestilences. This is my world. A quiet safe haven where I am surrounded by those I love. Where I surround those I love with the light of Love.

There is beyond my windows amidst the strife and turmoil, a world of wonder. A world where miracles transpire in the breath of morning rising. A universe where wonder unfolds in the cry of a newborn baby entering this world on the breath of love which inspired its birth. A world where greatness rises within each and every one of us when we let go of our fear that we can never live up to the promise of this world.

We can. Live up to our greatness.

All it takes is to let go of the belief we are not enough.

My experiences in this world are created through my beliefs. My beliefs are built upon my thinking.

Change my thinking. Change my beliefs. Change my experiences.

My daughters are home. Their lives unfolding in ways they never would have imagined even a few short months ago. Both are back at University. Both are working. Liseanne and I visited the neurologist this week and she is scheduled for another MRI and EEG later this month. The possibility of getting her license back within the year is more clear than it was when she first had a seizure three months ago. The possibility of living with this disorder called epilepsy is more evident.

Alexis starts classes tomorrow. She's bought her books, is excited about the plays she will read, the studies she will uncover. "There are a lot of 18 and 19 year olds at the University," she said after coming home from the University bookstore. "I feel so old,"

I laughed. At twenty-four, she has no idea what it feels like to feel old!

They're both working, thriving and living together under this roof. Side by side, best friends forever.

Summer discord has eased into autumnal harmony for C.C. and I. Time to ponder, to think, to wonder, to assess has given way to the realization that Love is always the answer. The Loving path always the way to harmony. We have re-committed to move forward with re-building, re-calibrating this relationship that has withstood many tests, many falls from favour. In our commitment to be committed to each other, we change the belief that 'endings' are better than working things out. Ending is sometimes just the path of least resistance. Sometimes the place to ease the pain of working it out. In changing our beliefs, we change our experiences.

Summer has eased into autumn and all is well with my world.

May all be well with yours. In light and love, have a blessed Sunday.


Sandra Heska King said...

Those are two beautiful girls!

Maureen said...

The recovery of joy is found throughout this post. Thank you.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Thank you both! They are my babies :)

Joyceann Wycoff said...

What gorgeous girls! And from what you've written over the past year ... beautiful inside and out.