Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inspired reading

I had to be at a meeting at 7 this morning to give a presentation on the shelter where I work and our link to the United Way.

sixty people were gathered for breakfast -- and to hear what I had to say.

But... it also means, I didn't write my blog this morning.

So.... to inspire you today I'm sharing a couple of links with great writing from some of my fellow bloggers.

Maureen, over at Writing without Paper has a beautiful and stunning poem, The Heart Takes its Space -- she writes in it,

Teeth bare
but the eyes
only let you know
the fear

Kathleen, over at Almost Paradisical, sent her daughter off into the world with two aprons and a love note tucked into its pocket -- WOW! See into this mother's heart and be touched.

My friend Joyceann at Peaceful Legacies has a photo and a story of a bench she's painted and mosaic-ed -- it's really beautiful and inspiring.

Beautiful Sandra Heska King wrote a poem, All Lined Up, for One Shot Wednesday -- the photo is awesome and Sandra always inspires me to dig deep into my spirituality.

Lovely Kat at never ceases to make me smile and feel lighter -- and today is no different. She talks about a saw zall and teddy bears crowding a bed and I feel inspired to get creative and outside my 'box' of tunnel vision thinking.

the calm and thoughtful Glynn at Faith, Fiction, Friends writes about a poetry workshop where in one poem he wrote two -- and touched many hearts. Go get inspired!

And at One Shot Wednesday you'll find all sorts of poetry that will lighten your day and lift your spirits!



Maureen said...

Thank you for honoring me amidst the riches of the others. Hugs.

katdish said...

Thank you, Louise. If you've never used a sawzall, I would highly recommend it. It's almost therapically destructive.

Sandra Heska King said...

Oh, how you've blessed me this morning! Thank you.

Kathleen Overby said...

I would like to be a mouse in the corner when you talked to these people. Thanks for this. :)

Glynn said...

Thank you, Louise. I think I'm still reeling from the whole experience.