Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I want most in life.

Authority of Being

The sun doesn’t stop shining

because some are blind.
And birds don’t stop singing
because some are deaf.
And the heart doesn’t stop loving
because some are afraid.
So what are the things you need
to express to continue being whoyou are;
the things that have nothing
to do with being seen or heard?
What lets the flower in the forest
blossom though no one is watching?
What keeps you being you?

Mark Nepo

I received another email inviting me to learn how to be better, be more, achieve greater success, live life more fully, make more money. It promised to reveal the secret I've been missing, to open the door that's been closed, to expose the truth I've been seeking, if I just.... sign-up, send money, watch this video, listen to this podcast, buy this book...

If I just...

If I just pay more attention. Be less fearful. Be more open.

If I just let myself soar, let myself go, let myself be.

If I just give myself permission, give myself time, give myself the right to have all that I've been dreaming of.

If I just do it this way, think this, say that, believe this, know that, I can have it all.

If only.

If only it were so simple that I put everything I know into action. If only it were so easy that I just let go of all that I am to become all that I can be when I'm not thinking about being someone who I am not.

Don't focus on who you can be, be who you are, the email admonishes -- and let me tell you who that is. Because, I know. God knows. Everybody knows, there's so much more you can be when you're not afraid of being who you are.

It's a bit of a quagmire out there. All this spiritual guidance coming at the speed of the Law of Attraction pouring with abundance. It's a bit confusing.

I hear myself wonder -- is there a better answer? -- even when I know, I have my answers all within me. I don't need to read another book to know. I simply need to be in this space, right now, where I know, who I am is acting up to my highest good, being my greatest self in action.

But still, I wonder... Is there an answer other than one I've found? Is there a better path than this one that I'm on?

And the truth is -- within me. Always has been.

The truth is, I'm okay and not okay. I'm beauty and the beast, loving in all my woundedness, kind in all my caring. I am dark and light. Yin and yang. I am the feminine and the masculine. The ethos to my pathos. The positive of my negative. The shadow to my presence. The joy of my sorrow.

I am all things that I am and all things that I am create my experiences.

I don't have to change who I am. I just have to adjust how I am in this world when what I am feeling or doing is not creating more of what I want in my life.

and what I want most in life is love and harmony, joy and laughter. What I want is to create a world of joy and harmony, a world where love abounds all around me.

It doesn't take a book or video to tell me how to do that. All it takes is a commitment to keep doing the things that create more of what I want in life.

If only... it were so simple.

But then... it is.

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Maureen said...

I read Mark Nepo's poem yesterday and like it a lot.

So many of these notices we receive sound enticing... and then I think about the commercial aspects of them and just hit "Delete".

Commitment is a first step, I agree. It can be realized only through action, which then begets more action until the action becomes routine.

Simple, and not.