Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moving with intention

All that counts in life is intention. Andrea Boccelli
I drove to work intentionally yesterday morning. My intent: To create opportunities for harmony to expand into the lives of everyone around me.

Now, I have to admit, I didn't get into my car with that intention. I got into my car with the intention of getting to where my early meeting was without getting lost. That intent was quickly scrubbed when I realized some fifteen minutes later... I was lost.

And then, I found where I was going -- even without having my cell phone with me because it was plugged in on my desk at home.

I made it to my meeting. Was fascinated by some of what I heard and decided I'd best drive home to get my cellphone as inevitably media phone me on it, rather than my landline at the office.

Which is when I decided I'd best embed my intent in creating harmony around me because I was driving with discord filling my car.

It started with the driver who cut me off. There was no need for it. There was ample room behind me. But oh no. He had to squeeze into the spot in front of me because... well because he's an (expletive deleted) driver.

Seriously. Where did he get his license? Out of a Cracker Jack Box? Too bad human nature dictates trying to squeeze forward into the tiniest of openings, not slide comfortably back into a spot further behind. I could teach his human nature a thing or two...

It was my mind chatter that woke me up. I was giving this guy way too much energy. Spending way too much time nattering about the stupidity of drivers and wanting to enlighten them in not so enlightened ways.

Time to give my head a shake. I am responsible for my state of mind. I am accountable for how I move through my day.

Let me move with peaceful mind and heart. Let me breathe into harmony and let go of discord.

So, I placed the intent of creating opportunities for harmony to expand out into the world all around me at the forefront of my mind.

Oh. But not until I made sure I got in front of that huge semi-trailer who was trying to shift lines and squeeze into the spot in front of me.

I hate being behind semi-trailers. They block the view and they're so big and if you get stopped they take so long to speed up and.... well you get the picture. Driving behind a semi-trailer isn't good for my health.

Which is why I was justified in scooting in front of him and not letting him in front of me. Right?

Which is why it was okay to pretend like I didn't see his signal light flashing. Right?


I did see his signal light flashing. I did choose to ignore it.


Now where did I put that intent?

Oh, there it is. Lying on the mat. All crumpled up into a little ball of self-disgust.

How easy it is to forget to be gentle with myself and the world around me!

But... I mean really. Like, I should care about other drivers? Don't I have to get where I'm going too? And if I let that guy in won't that put me another car length behind of where I want to exit from the freeway?

I mean. Really. A whole car length! It's not like anyone else takes the time to let other drivers in. Or that when you do the person even thanks you for your consideration.

Why should I?

Oh right. My intention. To create opportunities for harmony to expand into the world around me.

It took me awhile yesterday to find my balance. To drive with intention of living up to my higher good, but I did... My humour improved. My day expanded with joy. My attitude shifted.

I got to my destination no sooner, no later than I would have. I got there though feeling better off for having been considerate, thoughtful and conscious of the world around me. I got there feeling like I had made a positive contribution to my world.

And a couple of drivers thanked me. And, one driver whom I'd let in quickly paid it forward by letting someone else in.

I had to catch my thinking on that one though. For one brief second when I saw him letting in another car to the long line of traffic that was inching slowly forward towards the downtown core, I thought, "Oh no. I shouldn't have let him in!"

Cancel that thought.


Embrace my intent. To create opportunities for harmony to expand into the world around me I need to make room for the expression of that harmony to come in ways I never imagined. I need to make room for others to want to create harmony too.

As I moved through my day, I carried my intention with me. Sometimes, I succeeded in staying centered in intent. Sometimes, I forgot and got stuck in annoyance.

The question is: What's your intention for today? What will you create?


Anonymous said...


Welcome back ... to Calgary, and traffic, reality

I found paradise this morning - driving SOUTH on Deerfoot from centre to south, what a dream

Your blog, RECOVER YOUR JOY, is becoming - I think - a misnomer. It was a great name for it when you were struggling so hard, but now, increasingly, it seems like you are on a different path ... one I'd label - DISCOVER YOUR JOY

happy driving,


p.s. I think this piece, today's, will make a good one for the 360boom audience .. watch for it in the next day or two

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure what my intention is today.

but, i enjoyed your post.

Maureen said...

I wrote down this morning a Rilke quote that goes well with what you describe here:

"I live my life in big circles / that surround all things, / that circle around all that is. / Maybe I will not complete the last circle, / but will attempt it."